Tiffany Blue Dream Engagement Journal

February 23, 2019

Happy Saturday friends! Today I am so excited to share with you a fun and cute addition to the shop! This adorable Tiffany Blue Dream Journal is now available for purchase! (You can find it HERE!) 
This Tiffany Blue Dream Journal has a leather hard-cover and is the perfect companion or gift. There are approximately 120 pages inside this approximately 3x5.5 journal filled with adorable embellishments including unique and one-of-a-kind ribbon, and vintage ribbon.
Looking for an engagement gift? This beautiful Tiffany Blue Dream Journal could be the perfect answer. The perfect color of the Tiffany Blue quality leather would make an excellent engagement gift!
If you are interested in this Tiffany Blue Dream Journal can find it HERE. Or if you are interested in looking at other items from the engagement collection that are available in the shop you can find them in the Engagement Collection by clicking HERE
Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful day with friends and family!!

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