You Will Go To The Moon Vintage Junk Journal

February 9, 2019

Happy Saturday friends! Today I am so excited to share with y'all the newest item available in the December Caravan ShopThis amazing You Will Go To The Moon Vintage Junk Journal is now available for purchase! (You can find it HERE!) 
Y'all know how much I love creating different and unique journals and altered books. These beautiful and unique journals are the perfect way to grab onto ordinary moments or days and remember special times in life. When I saw this vintage (1959- 10 years before the landing on the moon!) book I knew it would make the perfect junk journal for all of the boy mama's or space lovers out there!
This beautiful You Will Go To The Moon Vintage Junk Journal is a space and moon lovers dream. With approximately 200 pages/tags of the entire book, quality and beautiful coordinating scrapbook paper, adorable vintage and modern embellishments and ephemera, and fun surprises tucked in secret places just for the owner, this Junk Journal will create a treasured keepsake for a lifetime!
This book is interesting for several reasons- one of which is that it is written in second person future tense. This is unique because it is very uncommon in books that are available today. The audience in this case becomes a character and that makes this book a treasure itself.
This book shows the lunar mission concept and features transfer stations in space. I mention this in my video on the December Caravan Shop Instagram page- but this book reminded me of the movie I saw a couple of weeks ago- "First Man". Have y'all seen it? I shared a couple of weeks ago on the blog that I was skeptical because there were so many negative reviews, but y'all I enjoyed it ... it really makes you think about who we are as people in the face of ordinary and extraordinary moments in life... and also realizing on a deep and complex level how flawed we all are...and the hope that can be found despite this... I realized in new ways how circumstances in our lives can affect people and understanding someones story is so incredibly important. If you saw it what were your thoughts? 

If you haven't seen it- I would definitely recommend watching it and going into it with an open mind... I think that most of the reviews were expecting something else. I went into realizing that this is not a review of the space program (of which there are other good movies that do so!) but telling of a story of a man who made history, and that is why I think I enjoyed it. Another thing was that so many of the negative reviews said that it "depicted Armstrong completely wrong", but I found it interesting to read that his family believed that the movie "nailed it" and they were contributors to the film. In all honesty, this made me appreciate the movie more...we know he planted the flag... but this raw and real human component that was portrayed of this brilliant man was (I thought) incredibly well done. Let me know what you think! (You can find it HERE on Amazon to watch if you are interested!)
This You Will Go To The Moon Vintage Junk Journal would be the perfect book to record fun memories from growing up years! What a fun way to remember both a child's love and fascination with space and exploration along with trips to museums or camps too! This You Will Go To The Moon Vintage Junk Journal could definitely "grow" with a child and record special moments in life.
If you are interested in this You Will Go To The Moon Vintage Junk Journal can find it HERE
If you are interested in looking at other altered books, journals, and junk journals that are available in the shop you can find them HEREStay tuned as a video of this junk journal will soon be on my new youtube channelOr find one of me talking about the junk journal on the shops instagram page by clicking HERE!
Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful day with friends and family!!

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