Shop til You Drop Around the World: The Biggest Malls on the Planet!

February 26, 2019

Shopaholics, rejoice! There’s no need to settle for your local strip mall when there are multi-million square foot malls in the world. Thanks to these mega-malls, you can shop, swim, and skate all in the same place.

What else do these tycoon shopping centers offer? You can bet there’s more than world-class shopping and five-star dining. There’s no limit to the fun and entertainment possible in a mega-mall. Keep reading to learn about the biggest malls in the world.

1. The West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada
The biggest mall in North America sits in the heart of Alberta, Canada. The West Edmonton Mall is a destination for tourists and locals alike. Inside, you’ll find over 800 retailers across a range of price points. The infamous amusement park has a roller coaster, water park, and a skating rink. Plus, there’s an 18-hole mini-golf course, a cinema, and a bowling alley.

This mall is the kind of place where you come in for one thing and leave with ten bags. And, a wet towel from playing in the water park.  

2. Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Between the twin towers that house Berjaya Times Square, there are 7.5 million square feet. That makes it the fifth largest building in the world. There are over 1000 retail stores in addition to over 60 dining options. Not to mention Asia’s largest indoor amusement park.

On the tenth floor, you’ll find Malaysia’s first IMAX 3D cinema. There’s no need to leave this dream mall when it closes because it contains two 5-star hotels.

3. Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Have you ever wanted to feel the calming serenity of a massive aquarium while you shop? At Dubai Mall, you can! It has one of the world’s largest aquariums for observation. The mall is over 12 million square feet and has over 1200 retail stores. There’s a massive candy store, a five-star hotel, and 22 movie cinemas. Plus, there’s even a SEGA gaming center with 3D bowling. It’s impossible to get bored here.

4. Cevahir, Istanbul, Turkey
Very few malls can be massive in size while still maintaining a level of beauty. Cevahir does just that; it’s one of the most stunning shopping centers you’ll ever see. Every shiny surface is meticulously cleaned and maintained. There are over 300 stores, 50 dining options, and lots of entertainment. It includes a giant stage for concerts and other events as well as 12 movie cinemas. And, like other mega-malls, it has its own indoor roller coaster.

5. King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania, USA
At nearly three million square feet, King Prussia is the largest mall in America. Since its opening in 1962, it’s attracted over 22 million visitors per year. It’s known for its gorgeous architecture and dome ceiling windows. There are over 400 retailers including luxury brands like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

6. SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines
You may be wondering how people get around a mall that’s over four million square feet. SM Mall of Asia has you covered. They provide a 22-seater tram to move visitors around the mall. Between the four buildings, there are over 600 shops, restaurants, and services. The Olympic-sized skating rink gets used by professional skaters as well as recreationally. If you’re coming for entertainment, you must check out the theater. The IMAX inside SM Mall has one of the largest 3D screens in the world.

7. CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand
The largest shopping center in Bangkok, CentralWorld, has eight stories of shopping bliss. Unlike its upscale competitor, CentralWorld has mostly middle-income retailers. Find crowd-pleasing stores like H&M, Uniqlo, and Toys r’ Us. Many of these retailers are online; Voucher Empire has all the discounts you could dream of. There’s also a fitness center, a hotel, and two Hindu shrines.

People come to this mall for the smartly-priced retail, and for recreational entertainment. Get some exercise in the skating rink or watch a movie at the cinema. It also has a convention center for business conferences and meetings.

8. Centro Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City is the highest-populated city in North America. It’s no surprise that it also has one of the biggest malls in the world. Centro Santa Fe attracts 1.5 million visitors per year. Shoppers flock to the major department stores, like Sears and Saks Fifth Avenue. Find all your favorite beauty brands from MAC to Tarte.  There’s also a 22-cinema multiplex theater and a 450-room hotel.

9. Morocco Mall, Casablanca, Morocco
The build-up for Morocco Mall’s opening was highly anticipated by most of the country. In fact, when it opened in 2011, Jennifer Lopez performed. The architects received praise for their spectacular work in designing this mall.

Central to the mall is a one million liter aquarium. Here, you can observe over 40 different species of fish and other water critters. You can even scuba dive in the aquarium. Morocco Mall has won many awards for design, property, and shop directory. It’s one of the crowning gems of Casablanca that all tourists need to check out.

10. Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh
The largest mall in South Asia sits at a healthy four million square feet. Jamuna Future Park is a favorite destination for family fun, shopping, and entertainment. Head up to the fifth floor and you’ll find a gymnasium, theme park, fitness center, and two swimming pools. There’s even a 22-lane bowling alley.

The main level of the mall has lots of shopping in addition to a catwalk. It’s a popular location for fashion shows and live music. You’ll find plenty of Bangladeshi retailers as well as international ones. There are many familiar names like MAC, Levi’s, and Clark's.   

Want to Learn More About the Biggest Malls in the World?
The biggest malls in the world offer more than just retail therapy. They’re a place for family outings, first dates, and fun with friends. These mega-malls provide the best of the best entertainment and fun. And, lots of shopping.

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