When Calls the Heart // West With the Mounties Vintage Junk Journal

February 20, 2019

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I am so excited to share with y'all the newest item available in the December Caravan ShopThis amazing When Calls the Heart Vintage Junk Journal is now available for purchase! (You can find it HERE!) 
Do you love the Hallmark Channel Original Series, "When Calls the Heart"? If so than you will love this beautiful keepsake junk journal that has been inspired from the TV show! 
This beautiful junk journal is made with love from my heart! Several years ago I had a sweet connection to the show as I had the opportunity to visit the set of When Calls the Heart with my mom (you may have remember reading about our adventure HERE) which was so fun. I then wrote a series of blog posts (From Hope Valley Devotionals) filled with encouragement based off the series back in 2017. It's fun to see how the Hallmark series has grown & morphed over the years!
So today I am excited to share with y'all a new special "When Calls the Heart" Junk Journal! This amazing and beautifully unique vintage "West with the Mounties" vintage (1950s) book that has been made into a special Hearties Junk Journal is a hearties/hope valley/when calls the heart/janette oak Lovers dream. With approximately 200 pieces of book pages/tags, quality and beautiful coordinating scrapbook paper, adorable vintage and modern embellishments and ephemera, and fun surprises for the owner tucked in secret places just for the owner, this Junk Journal will create a treasured keepsake for a lifetime!
This junk journal (although vintage) was in excellent condition and contains ALL of the original book pages and even includes vintage tags and vintage-looking tags that will create a treasure that will remind generations of the past while creating precious new memories. 
For those that love the show you will see tons of elements that relate back to the show with special details included! This is made a little differently and I did this purposefully - to fit the theme of the show. One of the ways that I have done that is by making "folders" to host everything. There are three main folders and I loved the symbolism of Elizabeth and teaching. In addition you will find quotes, nods to the kids, the widows, town members, and other additional surprises.
In the first folder you can see the traditional look of the junk journal pages that is incredibly popular. Behind each of the folders are surprises that have pockets that include pockets for Elizabeth, Jack, Abigail, Bill, Rosemary, and Lee. 
In each pocket are fun and unique ephemera pieces that match each character from the show: 
Elizabeth's Pocket: 
*tag with vintage brooch
*vintage flashcard
*Vintage looking card that has hats on it (remember the first season with her amazing hats!)
*additional ephemera

Jack's Pocket: 
*tag with vintage brooch
*Vintage looking card that has Jacket on it (the back has the letter J)
*additional ephemera
Abigail's Pocket:
*vintage recipe card
*vintage flashcard
*oven flashcard
*additional ephemera

Bill's Pocket: 
*misc. ephemera

Lee's Pocket: 
*vintage timetable
*additional ephemera

Rosemary's Pocket: 
*vintage hankerchief
*vintage flashcard
*misc. tags
*flashcard with coat on it (red coat - nod to the first season, and has the letter C on the back)
*additional ephemera
Thanks so much for reading about it today friends! If you are interested in this When Calls the Heart Vintage Junk Journal can find it HERE
Stay tuned as a video of this junk journal will soon be on my new youtube channelOr find one of me talking about the junk journal on the shops instagram page by clicking HERE!
Happy Wednesday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful evening!!

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