Thursday Thoughts Today: The Feel Better List

May 9, 2013

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Lets face it: everyone, sick or not just has "those days" where you just feel "blah". When you are dealing with a chronic illness there can be many of these days and I have found having the "feel better list" is extremely helpful. Overtime I have found that it is helpful for me to evaluate what I can do to help myself feel better and to follow "the list". When I am in extreme pain or extreme tiredness I don't naturally recall this entire list so having this written out is very helpful!

I have filled this list with a mixture of things that help me feel better physically and emotionally. It doesn't fix all of my health problems, but it does help me to feel better!

My list includes the following things in no particular order:

1.  Read Scripture and spend time in prayer.2. Drink lots of water {specifically smartwater which has electrolytes}.

3. Call my mom or a friend who is understanding and who will listen and cry with me.

4. Rest. Sleep if possible.

5. Watch a favorite movie.

6. Self massage temples and hands. (If I am able to leave the house I will try to go have a massage.)

7. Read a favorite book or magazine.

8. If I am in pain I will take Tylenol.

9. Avoid facebook {for me it always appears on the "bad days" that facebook is something to avoid!hahaha}

10. Stretch, work on breathing techniques, and take a hot shower. (If I have energy!)

11. Make sure to eat small nutritious meals throughout the day (filled with lots of protein to help raise low blood sugar).

12. Try to be thankful for all of the little things. A couple of weeks ago the most beautiful butterfly was outside of my window for several hours. It was simply beautiful and reminded me of God's love.

13. Cry. I read once that a man who became a paraplegic in his twenties gave himself ten minutes to cry on bad days and then would choose to move on. This is a great principle!

14. Set my mind to not comparing. I especially have to work at not comparing to previous days where my health was better.

15. Get outside in the sunshine. The fresh air always does my body good and the sun is always a blessing.

What about for you? Do you have a "feel better list" that you turn to on your bad days? What things do you do on days that are difficult physically? div>


  1. All good fell betters! I know one thing I do sometimes when i'm down is something for someone else! I am obsessed with greeting cards and so sometimes when i'm sad I read a bunch of them and/or send them to others telling them how blessed I am to have them in my life or some goofy card and then my words don't really have to say anything! I stock up on funny hallmark cards and just keep them in a card box! :) Thanks for helping host today!! I've been a little MIA lately with all the wedding and vacation stuff so i'm glad you've been here to help out Miss Jaime! :)

  2. Great tips Rebecca. Just hopped over to your blog and gonna waste some time peeking around more. :) Sunshine is my cure for everything!

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