Smitten: smartwater {review}

March 5, 2013

smitten: {adj}: infatuated, charmed, captivated, beguiled, betwitched, enamoured

There are certain products that I use or have that I am just smitten with. I love discovering great products on other blogs and hope that these items that I talk about from time to time on here might be a wonderful discovery for y'all!
Back when I shared the february fifteen I mentioned that I drink three smart waters everyday. I received a couple of emails asking me why I specifically drink this type of water. I should mention that I actually drink a ton of water everyday *smiles* BUT I do admit that I am completely smitten with smartwater and it is not just because Jennifer Aniston drinks it. *smiles*

In general we all know how good water is for us, but I was recently surprised to discover all of the amazing health benefits of drinking water:
{Mayo Clinic discusses on their website some of these benefits and how much water is important to drink.}

(1) Water is a natural remedy for a headache
(2) With skin that is properly hydrated you can look younger because water helps to replenish skin tissues.
(3)Water can help you do better at work and be more alert
(4) Water helps regulate your body temperature and can help you feel more energized
(5) Water helps in digestion
(6)Water helps fight against the flu and can even help prevent a heart attack!
(7) Water helps flush out toxins
So what makes smartwater so special and why do I choose to spend the money on it?
There are several reasons that I am smitten with smart water.  

First, I love that it is enhanced with potassium, magnetism, calcium, and electrolytes.

Second, the taste is yummy. I have a lot of friends who want to drink more water but struggle with the taste. While smartwater does not have added flavors I find that it tastes a little sweeter than tap water which is really nice.

Third, the manufactures of smartwater do not hide any part of their production cost.

I know that it can be expensive so I stock up at Target or Krogers when they have the water bottles on sale. For those of you that are members at Sam's Club they have a great deal if you buy in boxes of 12 (33.8 oz.).
What do y'all think? Have you tried smart water? Is there any other water that y'all love?

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  1. I'm visiting from Mallory's page and your guest-post! And voila, first post I read and I'm in love! Haha, mostly because every single thing you said about smartwater is SPOT ON to how I feel about it! My husband gives me grief about spending more on it, but you hit the nail on the head with this one! So great!

    I hope you'll come and visit me over at