summer bucket list

May 23, 2013

I just discovered Whit from Black Little Button through another blogger and was intrigued by her idea of a Summer Bucket List. I had already been thinking through different things that I wanted to accomplish this summer and so writing out a bucket list seemed like a perfect fit! So here we go (in no particular order!) 

1. Rest and enjoy the beauty of simple summer days.

2. Continue to improve my health through the  variety of different things that the doctor has ordered.

3. Spend time catching up with friends and family... near and far away.

4. Continue to pray and fast for my future husband.

5. Continue to grow my Etsy Shop and come up with new designs for the summer and fall.
Picture by Emily
6. Continue to grow The Paper Sonnet.  

7. Be able to have enough strength for a 1/2 mile walk by the end of the summer.

8. Enjoy the water- even on a tube if I am not strong enough to swim

9. Enjoy the wedding of a dear friend the blessing of catching up with friends who are like family.

10. Take one minute at a time. One hour at a time. One day at a time.

11. Set up Caravan Sonnet to be ready to accept sponsors starting August 1st!

12. Photography. Photography.Photography.
13. Explore and pray though some new dreams that the Lord has laid on my heart for this season that I am in that I never expected.

14. Memorize Colossians 3- 4:6.

15. Try this one more time... 13 years later!
Picture by Sarah C.

16. Finish the rough draft of the book that I have been working on.

17. Connect with new friends in bloggy world.

18. Continue to pray for all of my former students.

19. Memorize Psalm 77.

20. Stargaze and like Abraham be inspired once again to dream big!


  1. That looks like a great summer bucket list!

  2. I love this list, Rebecca! Especially how "laid back" all the items are - that's my kind of summer! :)

    Prayed for you today, gral!

  3. You have lots on your list! I love it, I can't swim for the life of me, and so anything floaty I gravitate towards :)

    Thanks again for linking up dear!

  4. this is full of so many beautiful and inspiring goals! you have quite the summer ahead of you it seems :) i pray you are able to accomplish these things through Christ and that your summer is so enjoyable! how awesome that you are writing a book! i wrote one back in high school and self-published it about a year ago--it's horrid but it's my first haha. it feels so wonderful to complete one; keep writing, it's definitely worth it! :)

    grace & love,

  5. Loved reading your bucket list! :) It has inspired me to write one!

  6. LOVE all of these goals for this summer! Especially the photography, friends + family time, writing goals (a book? that's so cool!), and the reading one. Can't wait to see all your goals become reality this summer! :)