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Thrifting: Orange County, California Edition

Y'all know that I love discovering and going to thrift stores. Similar to the smitten posts I write I hope to share with y'all thrifting stores across the United States that are wonderful hidden treasures to discover. I love discovering new places to go thrifting and hope that these places that I talk about from time to time on here might be a wonderful discovery for y'all if you enjoy thrifting as much as I do!

When I was in California I had a few hours on one Sunday afternoon where I was feeling well enough to go out to a thrift store. I looked up on the internet different reviews and found that some of the supposed better ones were closed on Sundays so I looked into the Goodwill's in the area. To be frank the first one that I went to I do not recommend. The reviews online stated that it would be a great place to find treasures but it really wasn't.
One of the things that I didn't like about this Goodwill was that it was filled with lots of Target castoffs with the price tags still in tact and the Goodwill price was approximately only 25 cents cheaper! In addition to that many of the household items were damaged and the clothing was very dirty. While I did see some possibilities with some of the furniture I would caution you that the couple of couches that I inspected contained mold and many holes.

I had heard that the Goodwill Marketplace (where you can buy clothes per bag) was also a great thing to check out. Since it was right behind the Goodwill I stopped by and was extremely disappointed. The clothes smelled and the ones that I saw were moldy and badly badly stained.
I was disappointed by the first Goodwill but still had a little bit of energy left and am glad I did because I really enjoyed the next Goodwill that I found! The Goodwill in Costa Mesa, California on 620 W 19th Street was filled with treasures (specifically in the clothing section). While I didn't buy anything except for a cute pair of red shoes and a black belt for my mom it was fun to look around this store!
While I won't be back in California for a long time the next time I go I would love to be prepared for better thrifting spots! Is there any spots in California that I should check out? What about other places in the United States?


  1. Hey, lady!! Thanks for commenting on and following my blog! It really blesses me! I'm excited to get to know you better over the coming days and months. :)

    Ah, thrifting! Let me tell you a thing about me and that's that I LOVE thrifting! Honestly, it's HIGHLY therapeutic for me. We did mostly thrift stores growing up and pretty much about 80% of my wardrobe now is thrifted clothes. There's an art to it (and one that hopefully I've found, haha). I know a few FABULOUS ones in Cali but none anywhere even near these. And yes, my experiences with Goodwills have been less than anywhere near satisfying. Oh well.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment Kellie! I couldn't email you back because you are a "no-reply blogger" but your comment was so sweet I wanted to say how much I appreciated it! :)
      :) I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! AND I love thrifting too!
      :) Rebecca

  2. My mom recently visited relatives in Texas and found some really good thrift stores in Houston and Dallas. She came back with some really cute designer tops for a fraction of the price! I also like thrifting at the Goodwill in Hendersonville TN (outside Nashville) because they also have really good stuff.

  3. coming from GFC collective blog hop1. Follower on GFC

  4. I've heard the luck you have at Goodwill really depends on which store you go to. I'm glad you found one that was worthwhile!

    1. Thanks so much Brittany for your comment!I couldn't email you back because you are a "no-reply blogger" but I wanted to say how much I appreciated your comment!I totally agree with you! Goodwill (and any type of thrifting) success can depend on which store you go to!
      :) Have a wonderful day!
      :) Rebecca


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