Thursday Health Thoughts: The Benefits of Massage

July 23, 2015

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picture found on internet, altered by Caravan Sonnet
(While originally posted over two years ago, this post has remained one of my most popular posts. I wanted to update it and share it with y'all again!)

I first heard of massage when I was a college student. There were a couple of girls on campus that always looked particularly relaxed and one day I asked them their secret. I will never forget how one of them told me that she got a massage two times a week. This sounded lovely to me but I had the false impression that I had to be rich to have this "luxury". It wasn't until several years later when I was reading a health magazine that I heard that there were many benefits to massage that had nothing to do with pure luxury. 

Now, as I am walking this health journey with Lyme Disease and Cancer and have done additional research I am even more amazed at the health benefits that come with having a regular massage. So what are all of the health benefits that massage brings? Check out these 11 amazing benefits!

1. Massage can help reduce levels of cortisol and also can help boost serotonin and dopamine which helps decrease anxiety and depression.

2. Studies have shown that massage helps lower pain throughout the body when done on a consistent basis.

3. There are numerous reports that show that massage can help you sleep better.

4. Massage helps your immune system and helps increase your white blood cells (which are your bodies disease fighting cells). There are several reports about this that can be found here.

5. Massage can help with PMS symptoms!

6. Massage can help your skin to shine as it relieves toxins and lymphatic build up (similar to dry brushing).

7. In addition to helping in the above ways, massage can help those struggling with serious and chronic illnesses by relieving side effects to medication.

8. Some studies have shown that massage can help you recuperate from surgery.

9. A very interesting study shows that while all different types of massage are beneficial, there is nothing that states that one type of massage is better than another.

10. Studies show that the power of massage rests in the power of touch and in the lymph movement that massage brings.

11. Mayo Clinic has said that massage therapy can help the following conditions:

*digestive disorders
*insomnia related to stress
*myofascial pain syndrome
*parathesias and nerve pain
*soft tissue strains or injuries
*sports injuries
*temporomandibular joint pain

As always you should consult with a physician before beginning any type of alternative therapy. I am curious: do you get regular massages? Have you found any benefits to having massages?


  1. I love getting massages! I go every 4 weeks!

  2. I had no idea that massage helps the skin! Ooooh I must show this to the hubs to convince him that I need this more often ;)

  3. I don't get massages nearly enough for the work I put my body through when I run. I find it especially healing in my lower back, quads, and feet. I wish I could get one a month if not more!

  4. Very interesting, I have always loved massages but didn't know that they helped with sleep and your immune system. Thanks for sharing!