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Notes from the Porch: a diagnosis update & treatment plan decision

First, thank you so much for all of the sweet emails and comments that I have received since sharing about my recent Lyme's diagnosis. I truly appreciate all of the support during this difficult season. Second, thank you so much for your sweet prayers as I have been adjusting to the diagnosis of Lymes and trying to figure out all of the answers and trying to find the best doctor for me. After weeks and months (as the doctor had and I had discussed Lymes to me a couple of months ago) of praying the Lord has brought an answer of what my parents and I believe is the best answer. If you aren’t aware post-chronic Lymes brings with it a very large debate of how it should be treated from some doctors believing that you need IV antibiotics for 9 months or more to those who believe that it should only be treated with herbs. I respect everyone’s personal beliefs of what they think is best for their health but for me I believe that there is something that can be found in the middle. To that end we have found an answer that I have decided to pursue. I will be traveling to the Whitaker Wellness Institute on April 25th and will be in Newport Beach, California until May 11th or May 18th (I will know the exact date after I am there for a few days). Due to financial reasons I will be going alone as my family can’t afford to send another person with me. While the institute is covered by my insurance and the antibiotics are covered there are several procedures that are considered “alternative” (hyperbaric oxygen chamber, acupuncture, nutritional IV’s, etc.) that are quite expensive that are not covered by insurance. (As an example the hyperbaric chamber is $215 for each session and they are recommending that I have 5 to 6 at minimum sessions while I am there). In addition to those expenses I will be staying at a hotel nearby… ALL of that to say I would covet prayers as some of this is going on faith that the Lord will provide all of the resources that are needed.

THANK YOU so much for all of your prayers… I admit that this is an emotional time. I am thankful to have a direction to go in but am nervous and (yes, I admit it) scared to go alone. I am also nervous as I have heard that the treatment is difficult and right now I feel weak. I am SO thankful for all of your prayers as we seek the Lord for His provisions and for healing. I treasure your friendship so much!

With lots of Hugs,


  1. I'll continue to pray for you.

  2. Praying for you, Rebecca. So encouraged by your strength and faith.

  3. I will be praying for you during this journey! Newport Beach is a few hours away from me, and I have Friday the 17th off. If you'd like company at all, let me know because I'd be more than happy to drive down and always love meeting fellow bloggers for Christ :)

  4. I just realized you're coming down in April! I also have May 3rd off :) Every other Friday, so thankful for that schedule!

  5. praying for you, lady! & if you need a buddy to chat with or email while you're going through treatment, I'd be happy to keep you company! (I can also stock up some good jokes if you'd like... I have some of my own, but they're mostly cheesy so you'd be laughing at me, instead of with me... but hey, whatever works!)

  6. oh girl, you are in my prayers! You hold so much strength in all that you do from your personal daily walk to sharing your story here. You've had some hard decisions to make, but putting your trust in God is the best way to handle them. I've read back thru the last few post to get a better grip and again, I'm praying for you pretty lady! Don't let that smile fade or any of your cheerfulness slip away. The road isn't always easy but we are never given one we can't handle. xo!

  7. I hope that you start to feel better soon. I had a friend when I was younger that got Lyme disease and I remember how hard it was for her. Your in my thoughts!

  8. Rebecca! I wish I was still in California because we live right by Newport Beach. You could have totally stayed with us for free! But we are in Nepal now. If you do find you need to stay somewhere, I'm sure my in-laws would be willing to house you:)

  9. WOW I am just getting caught up with your posts and I am sooo sorry to hear this but am SO proud of you for your trust in the Lord through it all! You are amazing!!! I will be praying for you!!


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