Benefits of Dry Brushing

April 11, 2013

I first heard of "dry brushing" when I read Kris Carr's book, Crazy Sexy Cancer when I was in my early 20s. I was intrigued and did it for a little bit. Unfortunately, I admit that as time went on I wasn't sure I felt any benefits so I let this important health ritual slip and in the last couple of years I have not done any dry brushing. 

With my increased health issues in the last several years I had been reading more and more about ways that I can try and help my body and dry brushing kept coming up. So I decided that I would look into it at a deeper level and I was shocked to discover ALL of the health benefits. {Yes, I am a "dry brushing believer" now! *smiles*}

So what are these benefits?

1.  First, dry brushing stimulates the circulation & lymphatic systems within our body's. 

2. Bloated? Some sources state that dry brushing will help decrease bloating because you are massaging the body and this helps it to release excess water and toxins.

3. Dry brushing helps the body eliminate toxins.

4. Cellulite? Dry brushing helps create smoother skin and can reduce cellulite.

5. Dry brushing can help aid with digestive issues.

6. Dry brushing can help increase your blood flow.

7. Dry brushing can help promote cell renewal.

8. Dry brushing can help unclog pores.

9. Sit at a computer screen for most of the day? One article stated that by using dry brushing techniques you can release tension in your neck and shoulders that is common in jobs that require sitting for most of the day.

10. Dry brushing can help with stimulating the nervous system.

11. Are you detoxing? Many sources state that you should add dry brushing to your detox routine to make it more beneficial.

Do you dry brush? Are there benefits that you have experienced from dry brushing? Wanting to know how to correctly dry brush? Check out my post on the step-by-step guide to dry brushing by clicking HERE.

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  1. I've read about dry brushing being helpful for reducing cellulite but had NO IDEA of the other benefits. Very interesting!

  2. I've read about this before too. So have you been trying dry brushing again? Are you personally seeing any of these benefits?

  3. I recently started dry brushing but it's SO hard for me to stick to it everyday (at least that's what I read. that it should be evryday)

  4. I've read about this but never actually tried it. Didn't know about all of these benefits, I'd only heard of a few. Might have to start this!