Thrifting: Burlington, Vermont Edition

April 2, 2013

Y'all know that I love discovering and going to thrift stores. Similar to the smitten posts I write I hope to share with y'all thrifting stores across the United States that are wonderful hidden treasures to discover. I love discovering new places to go thrifting and hope that these places that I talk about from time to time on here might be a wonderful discovery for y'all if you enjoy thrifting as much as I do!

There are several wonderful places to go thrifting in Burlington, Vermont. Today I want to share about just one of them!

The Salvation Army on N Winooski Avenue is truly an eclectic find. While you won't walk out of this Salvation Army with LOADS of clothes or furniture (ok, I have never bought a piece of furniture there!) I am always able to find a "steal" with at least one article of clothing every time I have gone. While this is probably one of the "dirtier" thrift stores that I go to you will be able to find a treasure or two if you really hunt for it! This Salvation Army does offer senior and student (any university!) 20% discounts and also has 50% color tags and $1.00 clothing options.
The Salvation Army store is located at: 336 N Winooski Ave, Burlington, Vermont. The phone number is: (802) 864-9552. The store hours are from 9 to 4:30pm but I would definitely recommend calling before you go visit! {It is approximately 5 minutes from downtown Burlington and pretty easy to find.} If you are afraid that you will get lost just watch out for these very bright buildings across the street! hahaha :)
Last week when I went to the N.Winooski Avenue Salvation Army I found a brand new Banana Republic Dress, a cute Target summer dress, a lovely Charlotte Rousse top, and an adorable jacket and paid a total of $6.13(with my 20% student discount).
Do y'all have any favorite thrifting spots that I should check out in Burlington or other places in the United States?


  1. It looks like a cute little thrift store! Congrats on your scores :)


  2. I do like to thrift although it takes time and you really do have to "hunt" through lots of clothes to find the good ones! My sister is an expert Goodwill-er. She gets all of her clothes from there and finds the best deals!

  3. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more. You can find me at


  4. LOVE thrift stores and LOVE Vermont. So it makes sense that I LOVE this post!