the charming southern life

April 8, 2013

I am so thankful for my life. I am seriously SO blessed. My family moved to the south (from Pennsylvania) when I was nine years old and as I have mentioned before I spend life split between two incredible cultures. If I say I love the South I follow it up with: and I love the North. But if I said, I love the North I quickly follow it up with: and I love the South.

Today I am going to share just a few reasons why I love the South.
(Forgive me in advance: you will quickly notice that sweet tea and grits are not listed. I could blame a variety of reasons but the honest truth is I am allergic to both. *smiles*)

Reasons I love the South
* love of family
*warm weather
*big front porches
*delightful community
*high school football games
*pretty magnolias
*respectful men who still hold doors
*the sweet ladies who always want to give hugs
*the way everyone talks with you - even in a grocery store
*the laid back feel of life (on some days!)
*love of community

It is that last reason that really resonates with me. I love community and desire to make my blog a place of community and friendships. There are so many lovely southern ladies whose blogs are charming. Honesty this is just one more reason why I love the south!


  1. I love living in the South. I was in PA for five years then went to Virginia for college and have been moving further south ever since!

  2. I am a New Yorker but I am dying to visit the South. Want to visit Charleston, Wilmington, Atlanta...I am sure I will think of more!

  3. I'm a native Hoosier but spent 7 years of my childhood living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the New Orleans suburbs. While I'm back in Indy and absolutely in love with this city, I've found myself missing the south a little lately. The winters probably have something to do with it! I don't think I ever want to go back to MS/LA, but I'm intrigued by some of the east coast southern cities. Maybe I'll make a move some day.

  4. Amen!! I was born, raised, and still residing in Louisiana! I recently did a post about the south! Absolutely love it and will probably never leave! I went to the final four in new orleans last night and a northerner said (in response to one of the food stands taking a while making fresh, fried food) "everything is slower in the south, I guess they aren't bothered because they are used to it". I turned around and with a polite smile said "yes we are" :-)
    I need to check out the Southern Blog Society!

  5. I love living in the South. I wouldn't know how to act anywhere else, lol!

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Originally from Florida, which isn't really the south, but been in GA for few years, and love everything about the south. Especially the sweet tea!

  7. I wish I could go live in the south for a bit! I just love everything about it! If only my whole family could come with me! :)

  8. Oh I love this idea!!! Im going over there right now to check it out!