the april fifteen

April 15, 2013

I have loved reading posts by other bloggers that share random personal things about them. To me the ones that have done this make their blogs that much more friendly. I was inspired so in February I started to share fifteen random facts about me and life on the fifteenth of every month. For May fifteenth I am happy to answer questions if there is anything that you would like to know! Just feel free to email me!

1. The thing that I was most excited about in regards to my blog this past month was my change in my design! I really need to do an entire post about this but thank you soo much Carrie Loves Design for my BEAUTIFUL new blog design!I LOVE IT!!If you are looking for a WONDERFUL person to work with check out her website and etsy shop!! Thank you again Carrie!!!! :)

2. One of the questions that I was emailed was asking me how tall I was. I am 6 ft. 3inches. No, I didn't play basketball... well I did if you count thirty minutes on a high school team before the coach told me that I was too sweet to play on his team.

3. This past month I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and the kindness of friends and strangers alike. I am simply overwhelmed. Thank you does not seem like enough for all of the support to help me this month!

4. I LOVE England. So imagine my smile to finally learn why their police force is called "bobbies". Thank you graduate school classes. hahaha

5. My sister and I have been watching tons of past season episodes of the Amazing Race recently. As we watch we seriously talk like we are going to be on it. hahaha I truly think that it is a good healing method for me. *smiles*

6. I am so excited about some changes to my creative company December Caravan!! I can't wait to be share them in the next few weeks!

7. Scamper makes me laugh everyday with his antics. He truly inspired the post about the benefits of owning a pet.

8. Do you remember my friend "M"? What a dear dear friend. The minute that she heard that I was going to California for treatment alone she bought a ticket to come and stay with me for a few days. Talk about a treasured friend! WOW!
9. One thing that I have learned anew this month is to bless people with kindness and mercy because so many people are struggling. I know that I have been so blessed with a kind word, a card, donation of ad space, text message, phone call, or even flowers. Little and big acts of love go a long long way.

10. It took four years but I wrote the post that was incredibly close to my heart when I shared about the power of "I'm Sorry".

Some of you have asked what my daily blog reads are. There are tons. I mean there are soo many talented people in bloggy world. I do have to say though that the blogs that I keep going back to again and again are because of the respect that I have for the bloggers themselves. Here are just a few that I would highly recommend:

11. Bridget's blog is simply wonderful if you have not discovered it. Simply wonderful.

12. Amanda's blog if you want to see BEAUTIFUL photography and wonderful recipes.

13.  Wissman Family's blog if you want to simply be blessed by lovely simplicity.

14. Kristine's blog if you want to be challenged with lovely fitness tips and be inspired by her humble courage in her role as an army wife. 

15. Emily's blog is wonderful because of her. It has a wonderful depth to it and I love her advice that ranges from personal to bloggy world.


  1. Oh my goodness! The entire concept of this post is beautiful and to somehow get squeezed into it makes me grin ear to ear!! But my hearts most happy reading about your friend booking a ticket to be with you in Cali. We're all meant to have that one dear friend, the sister from another mother ;) sounds like she's it! So happy for you!!

  2. How neat!! I love this idea, might have to follow through and make one similar myself! Thanks for linking up go to my sponsor page and enter "NBC" to get a Tractor Sized Ad Space (middle one) FREE! Stick around and link up soon again!