my amazing tribe

April 19, 2013

Recently I have fallen in love with the word tribe. Tribe is defined as: "A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties..."

Yesterday I talked about the the importance of boundaries in relationships and I mentioned how amazing my tribe is.  In the midst of so much tragedy that has struck our world this week and in the weeks and months before I am reminded of how blessed that I am. I want to grab each of them a little tighter and tell them how much I love them. I want to hold time still. Today I wanted to introduce just a couple of them. These are the people that have stood by me my entire life not just recently and I am so thankful for them. *smiles*

My mom has always been my best friend. She is my biggest cheerleader, constant encourager, and the woman who I want to be. She is amazing.
My dad is amazing. He will do anything and everything to do anything for his family. I love him so much.
I love how my family has so much fun together. We can be silly with each other and laugh together.
My sister is the best. I am so thankful for her and for our friendship. Everyone should have a sisterhood.
My grandmother is the most lovely lady. She is the greatest prayer warrior and is one of my best friends. 
This is my tribe and I love them SOOO much!
Who are the people that are in your tribe? Today, I urge you to take a moment to grab them a little tighter and tell them how much you love them.


  1. so much love!! your family is beautiful :)

  2. A tribe is a wonderful thing to have. And it looks like yours is a good one. Cherish them! Stopping over from the North East Blogger hop. Also nice to see somebody else with a upstate New York connection!

  3. aww this is so sweet! I love all the happiness in these pictures and I really love that picture of you and your sister! So cute!

  4. What a wonderful, happy group of people you surround your self with. Thanks for sharing them with us.