the moving diaries: Nic Nicaud Team Review (knoxville // tennessee)

October 2, 2021


*picture from closing day... we were exhausted and in tears... gratitude for ALL that Nic had done*

Happy Saturday friends! As I mentoned in June I thought that for the next year it would be interesting and helpful to those that might be moving to document and share some behind the scenes things of our moving experience. 

Today's update is one that I am really excited to share - as I have received so many questions about who we used for a realtor in Tennessee. 

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.So now on to who we used as a realtor...

When mom decided that she was going to move out of Knoxville we both knew immediately that we would love to use Nic Nicaud Realty. I had personally known Nic in High School and had watched with enthusiasm as he has created an incredible company and is extremely well respected in Knoxville. 

To be honest- we hadn't kept in touch since high school (does Facebook friends count?) and so I decided to reach out to someone on his team to help us because I didn't want to bother Nic. I knew that mom's house needed a lot of work and repairs and I think there was an aspect of being concerned that this would not be the type of house that Nic's team would sell. 

That is the first point that I want to address immediately... if you are in the position that we were in- for whatever reason, do NOT hesitate to reach out and call Nic's team. They will be honest about the home, honest about what you should or should not do to help in the selling process (so you don't waste any unnecessary pennies) and will also be incredibly encouraging. So if that is stopping you or making you hesitate- let that go immediately. 

Imagine my surprise (and some tears) when Nic reached out personally and offered to help out in anyway that he could. He not only was there from the beginning, but walked us through the entire process - even to closing day. What should have been the most overwhelming and stressful situation in our lives... turned out to be one of the sweetest experiences in letting go of a house that held an incredible 30 years of memories for our family and for my mom.

Every single question we had (and there were thousands that Nic and his team patiently answered) was handled with patience, professionalism, and dignity. We never once felt like idiots and we never once felt that we weren't competent in the process (even though in reality we really weren't). 

So what are some of our TOP things that happened and why we whole-heartedly recommend Nic's team... here are just a few of the hundreds of things we would say... 

(1) He cared more about us then the profit from the sale of the Home
Nic patiently listened to all of our financial realities, concerns, and dreams, and worked to sell our home at a price point that was above what we believed that my mom could get the house for. Not only this but we were given a priceless gift of all of his time and the financial blessing beyond what we could adequately express here. If you are looking for a realtor who has character this is the person that you want to hire. 

(2) Nic had plans and ideas for all different ways the house could sell
Nic talked through with us all of the different options that we could do (sell immediately, sell in a few months, sell in a year, etc.) to give us the best investment on our property. Most realtors will not do this. They are after the money for them and don't want to take the time to do this. Nic was not that way. He spent time going through all of our different options and talking through with us the best solution for our particular situation. 

(3) He made us a priority
He literally did not have to do this because there was nothing really in it for him, but Nic made us a priority, even giving us his personal cell phone number and calling us from his vacation out of the country. We never once felt that we were not important and that he was constantly working on our behalf. 

(4) He went the extra mile
Immediately it became clear that Nic was going above and beyond for us and that spoke to us more than we could ever express. He met with us after hours to take time to answer our hundreds of additional questions and never made it seem like an inconvenience. 

(5) Immune Compromised Sensitivity
Nic and his entire team worked with my immune compromised system to schedule meetings and showings when we would not be in the house and wore masks the entire time that we were around. Everyone involved in the process was sensitive to this and this extra little measure of thoughtfulness spoke volumes about the entire team. 

(6) Dave Ramsey Solutions
Nic's team is a member of Dave Ramsey's Realty Solutions and this is an excellent endorsement!

(7) Nic's Knoxville History
The deep history and love of living in Knoxville is deep within Nic and his team. They know and love the area and are experts in this area of the world. You can read all about the team and their backgrounds HERE

(8) Expertise
When you are moving you want someone who knows what you need to do each step of the way so that you are not relying on "Realtor Google". *smiles* You will never have to worry about anything from questions about lawyers, taxes, titles, etc. The team will walk you through each and every step. 

And this last point is one that is very very unique... 

Every since I first met Nic when I was in high school I was captivated by his ability to hold a conversation with anyone and everyone. I watched as he would talk with all different types of people and backgrounds and stood in awe because he has a charisma that was a gift. This gift has just expanded and grown. It is incredible the people that he knows, the people that he has contacts with, and the people that he is close friends with. This truly isn't a job for him, but it is a life of connecting people and helping people in this season of life. Even in the best of circumstances (and ours really wasn't) moving is incredible stressful and messy. Having the gift of someone who can talk with anyone and knows everyone is exactly what you want. Nic will share about your home on his personal social sites and in all different conversations. It is a gift he has that not everyone has and it is priceless. 

I literally can not thank Nic and his team enough. In the midst of one of the hardest moments of our lives, Nic was the answer to prayer above and beyond anything we could have imagined. I can't encourage you enough to contact his team and hire them for your next moving needs. 

If you have any questions please let me know because I would LOVE to answer them.

Here is all of the contact information for Nic: 

Testimonials (absolutely agreed with ALL of them)

Call them Today: 865-694-5904

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