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October 26, 2021

Happy Tuesday friends! I am excited to spend the next couple of weeks sharing with y'all some recap posts from the girls trip that I took four years ago through New England, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia (along with some new posts from this time that I never shared also!)! I hope that it encourages you to consider taking a road trip (in part or in whole depending on your circumstances) this fall to these beautiful places in the world. 
Happy Tuesday friends! Today I am so excited to continue to share more about my recent trip through New EnglandNew BrunswickPrince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia! Today will start the beginning of posts about our time traveling through the beautiful Nova Scotia area. It was truly gorgeous! 
As I mentioned in my post about practical information for Prince Edward Island there are only two ways to get on and off the island (the Confederation Bridge or the CAT Ferry). You don't have to pay to get on the island but you do have to pay to get off the island. 
Because we were going to be going to drive through Nova Scotia down to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (making a large circle of our entire journey back to Boston) we took the CAT Ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia.
I had a LONG day of driving ahead of me so we took the earliest ferry that there was- departing at 6:30am. We had to be at the ferry about an hour ahead of time so it made for an early morning.
 It was really early, but it was the most beautiful beginning of this long day filled with incredibly beautiful scenery from this area of the world. 
The ferry ride is approximately 75 minutes from Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia.
After getting on board we parked our car and walked up to the sitting area. 
As a bit of general information- once you park your car you are not allowed to stay in the car for safety reasons or return to it during the voyage so you will want to plan ahead to bring everything that you will need with you for that time.
I know for me this was a bit different as some ferries even allow you to stay in your car so make sure to plan ahead accordingly.
Because it was so early in the morning there was breakfast on board that you could purchase and a sitting area with tables to eat at. For those with food allergies you will want to bring your own food on board as they do not have allergy friendly options.
After breakfast you could stay in the dining area or you could go into another area that had a TV and news playing and a different seating area. In warmer weather you can use the outside seating.
Ali slept some and I read and kept wandering outside to take pictures of the evolving sunrise. It was chilly but so incredibly beautiful.
One of the neat things was talking to some of the other people who were also outside enjoying the sunrise. I ended up meeting two friends who were traveling together and one was from the area of Georgia where I lived for three years!
I love how travel reminds you how big the world is and how small and connected we all are too!
The morning was absolutely stunning and the trip passed incredibly quickly. It was truly the beginning of a beautiful day of driving through Nova Scotia.
If you are interested in finding out more about the CAT ferries than you can do so on their website HERE. I will give a quick word of warning though that was a bit disappointing in regards to their customer service. For several months prior to our trip I tried to contact the company to ask several questions and to see if I could work with them in our trips (we were taking two of their ferries). 

I called, left several messages, sent numerous emails, contacted them through different social media venues, etc and received no response. It was a bit disappointing to see how they didn't even respond to general questions in the help of planning this trip or to even be willing to respond back to any of these attempts to better understand their travel system. In fact, the two friends that I met on the trip (who were from Georgia) were surprised to learn that there was a ferry from Yarmouth to Portland, Maine. They said that they had tried for about 5 months to hear back from the company and when they did they asked if there were other ferries and were told there wasn't. I share that to say that if you have any questions and are going to use the ferries I would definitely try to figure out the information online and not expect to receive a response.
Despite this, the ferry ride, as you can see was gorgeous and stunning and was a beautiful trip and I would definitely recommend it. 
Thank you for continuing to read about our adventures throughout the recent trip through New EnglandNew BrunswickPrince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia! I hope for those of you planning a similar trip all of this information is helpful! If you would like, you can read all of the posts from the trip by clicking on the links below:


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