Kingsbrae Garden // St. Andrews By the Sea, Canada

October 6, 2021

Happy Wednesday friends! As I mentioned last week, I am excited to spend the next couple of weeks sharing with y'all some recap posts from the girls trip that I took four years ago through New England, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia (along with some new posts from this time that I never shared also!)! I hope that it encourages you to consider taking a road trip (in part or in whole depending on your circumstances) this fall to these beautiful places in the world. 

With the world slowly opening back up to some travel, the places that we went to and explored and the posts that I will be sharing are really good options (especially for those - who like myself) are extremely cautious with health reasons as we were outside and separated away from others so much. I hope that these can be adapted for your own personal needs. 
Today I am delighted to share about one of our adventures in our second major stop of the trip - the Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews by the Sea.
Kingsbrae Garden is a 27 acre public garden that opened in 1998. Kingsbrae Garden is a non-profit garden and focuses on the unique ecological statement that it contributes to the St. Andrews By the Sea area and to Canada. The gardens feature a variety of different sections and different areas, including the children's garden and the Scents and Sensitivity garden. 
One of the most impressive displays of flowers of the garden is known as the entry garden (seen above). All of the different trees that are throughout, the grasses, and flowers welcome visitors from all over the world. 
Another area that is unique and impressive is the children's garden area. 
In the children's garden there are 5 different playhouses, including a castle. At the entrance is a Mad Hatter's teapot display that adds an eclectic touch to this whimsical space. Another unique touch is that one of the roofs of the playhouses is actually a living roof and helps to insulate it during the colder months!
A fun surprise at the Kingsbrae Garden is the addition of animals. There are tons of different birds and domestic animals are also available for petting. 
Other sections of the garden include the knot garden, rose garden, and the gravel garden. Also in the garden is a working windmill was given as a gift to honor the dutch heritage of the previous land owners.
One of the most unique parts of the garden is the section entitle Scents and Sensitivity. This garden section was built in a co-op program with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. The Scents and Sensitivity garden features a raised bed garden, and features plants that have different scents and textures. In addition to this each of the flower labels are available in Braille. Every aspect of this section has been thought through to the smallest detail, including the addition of some tall trees to provide shade for those sensitive to bright light. This is such an ingenious idea and I hope that in the future more gardens around the world will learn from Kingsbrae Garden and incorporate this. 
In addition to having the opportunity to explore the gardens, Ali and I were delighted to have the opportunity to eat at the Garden Cafe. 
The Garden Cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating (they also offer blankets for those eating outdoors) and the views were stunning. We ate our meal on the outside patio and it was absolutely lovely.
Honestly, it was our favorite meal in St. Andrews by the Sea and one of my favorite meals of the entire trip. It was so incredibly beautiful and relaxing with the views overlooking the Passamaquoddy Bay and the menu held such fresh and healthy options that it was incredibly lovely. In addition to this the menu offered some gluten free options and the chef was incredibly wonderful at working with my food allergies. It was just a delightful experience that was so incredibly lovely.

One thing that we would have loved to experience was "Savour in the Garden" which is a fine dining experience at Kingsbrae Garden that is offered during the summer.
Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our time of relaxing, talking, and laughing at the cafe, the stunning views that it offered, and the beauty that surrounded and is in the Kingsbrae Garden. If you are ever in St. Andrews By the Sea this is something that you would want to experience! 

Today I am excited to continue to share more from my recent trip through New England, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. You can read all of the posts from the trip by clicking on the links below:


A huge thank you to Kingsbrae Garden and to Brad for the complimentary admission tickets to the Kingsbrae Garden. All opinions are my own.

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