Money Mistakes You Really Can't Afford To Make

October 19, 2021

 Are your mistakes costing you your hard-earned money? Quite possibly, if they fall under the remit of those you find below. The good news is that by identifying such mistakes, you can also deal with them. All you need to do is keep reading to find out what they are. 

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Using your cards for everyday things 

Cash is less frequently used than ever in today's society. Online we can pay with third-party providers like Apple pay, Paypal, and Stripe. Whereas IRL debit and credit cards rule, along with smartwatch and smartphone payment methods. 

Unfortunately, alongside all these more convenient and safer ways to pay runs the issue of being able to access credit very easily. Indeed, in card form, it may be a credit card that you use, or when purchasing online it can be easy to be lured in by the promise of low-interest rates or buy now pay later. 

Of course, the issue here is that if you use credit all the time and for everyday things, it's so easy to get into a real mess financially. Indeed, every time you pay with credit a check will be run that affects your score. Additionally, racking up credit unless absolutely necessary can make it very difficult to pay off all the interest and means you get stuck in a hole. With that in mind, paying for things outright, and steering clear of credit wherever possible is essential if you want to save yourself money in the long run. 

Paying for others mistakes 

Paying for the mistakes of others is also a way that you may be making a serious mistake with your finances. Indeed, there are several situations to which this could apply. The first is if you are having to pay for treatment and care to deal with mistakes that your medical provider has made. Fortunately, by contacting medical malpractice attorneys you can claim these costs back. Thereby, making up for the debt you have incurred. 

Then there is the situation when you find yourself paying for credit or a subscription is taken out in your name or jointly with an associate that is not paying their share. Of course, such situations can be tricky especially if they relate to an ex to whom you no longer speak. 

However, contacting the provider and explaining the situation to them while exploring your options is the best approach. 

Saving before you pay off your debts 

Another major financial mistake you could be making is trying to save money before you pay off your debts. This is because of the way interest rates work. First of all, interest rates on the money you borrow tend to be higher than on money you are saving. This means that by saving instead of paying off your debt you will cost yourself more money in the long run. 

To that end, making a plan to pay off your debts, especially those with a high-interest rate is a better and more economical option than saving. Then once you are debt-free you will be able to save without racking up more debt. 

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