Post-Lockdown? Here's 4 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Friends

May 24, 2021

 Lockdowns are ending and as we come out of it, we’re all excited to spend more time with friends and family that we haven't seen or held for months. It’s been a hard year and while we have all been in the same boat, it doesn't often feel that way when it seems like we’ve lost touch of our friends. As lockdown eases, we’re ready to be in touch with our friends again on a whole new level, and that means you need to figure out ways to spend quality time with them. 

Life has moved on a lot and not always for the better. We’ve all had our stresses and we’ve all brought into the COVID-19 banana bread situation. However, we can reconnect with people once again and make time spent with them a joy and not a curse. Whether you are placing your Grupo Caliente bets on your favorite sports or you’re taking your friends out on the town, you need to get your quality time back with them. It’s hard to reconnect, but hard isn't impossible and it’s also far harder to be without friends. It’s up to you to pick your hardest in this scenario. With this in mind, here are four great ways to spend quality time with your friends.

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  1. Binge watch TV. When was the last time you all sat together to watch a season of Game of Thrones? Those TV show parties can come back again and you can get together to watch whatever you want to watch. Bring the snacks and the comfortable pillows, the best friends and more back together and make it happen! Don't wait for a better date for this; the time is now!

  2. Plan a vacation. As we wait with bated breath for the borders of certain countries to open once again, it’s time to plan together what you’d like to do. Are you fans of camping or beaches? Theme parks or water sports? Either way, the time is now to spend the extended time with your friends that you haven't had for a while. Plan a vacation and use it as a time to bond back together again.

  3. Enjoy a game night. From sports to chess, you and your friends can reconnect over a few drinks and some awesome games! There has been a gap between seeing friends and there is nothing quite like being together to play games. Yes, technology has helped and Skype has been great, but physically playing is something else!

  4. Enjoy sports. Whether you go to a game, bet on a game or get your kit on and play a game, sports are a way to be healthier, happier and enjoy a little healthy competition! Get your friends together and decide which one you’d like to play the most. You can then keep track of winners and losers, too! This makes for an excellent way to play together once again! Don’t be afraid to buy a tally board and keep an eye on the scores.

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