5 Health Supplements You Should Take Every Morning Before Work

February 10, 2020

Sometimes, we need supplements to add to our diet. They contain things that we maybe don’t get enough of through food and drink alone. There are loads of excellent health supplements out there, so which ones should you use? Here are a few things that you could start taking every morning before going to work. They’ll set you up for a good and productive day: 
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Cod liver oil

Not the tastiest of supplements, but you can get this in capsule form nowadays. I’ve written an entire post on the benefits of cod liver oil, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Essentially, it contains vital omega-3 fatty acids that help with your brain health. Taking this every morning can keep your brain sharp and lead to an improved mood throughout the day. 

Vitamin B12

Lots of people lack this essential vitamin! A deficiency in B12 commonly leads to feelings of fatigue. By supplementing it every morning, you will see an increase in your energy levels. You’ll attack the day with more of a spring in your step. As such, you’ll no longer feel tired and drowsy at work! You can get vitamin B12 sprays that are easy to use and offer the best absorption for this vitamin - which means it gets to work faster. 

CBD capsules

CBD is a trendy health supplement that’s making headlines right now. It’s linked to lots of different benefits, with many studies suggesting it can improve your focus, help you de-stress, and lead to a better mood. You should learn more about CBD capsules before trying them, just to make sure they’re right for you. If they are, then they might help you start your day with a sharper mind than usual. 

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Many women suffer from an iron deficiency, largely thanks to periods. When you’re on your period, you lose a lot of blood every month. Iron is a key component in blood, so you lose lots of it. A lack of iron can cause you to feel very tired or suffer from a problem called anemia. A daily iron supplement will help you restore your energy levels, especially during your time of the month. 


Probiotics are crucial for your gut health. They help you digest food and can reduce any digestive discomfort you may feel. Taking a probiotics supplement every morning can set you up for a much better day. If you often have digestive issues or get quite gassy after eating, then this supplement will help with that. There are way more benefits of probiotics to learn about as well, and the supplements are usually tiny and easy to swallow. 

So, before you set off for work, take all of these supplements. They’ll combine to make you feel more energized, focused, relaxed, and comfortable. The overall result is that you should be set up for a more productive day. 

I should attach a disclaimer here; you won’t see instant results. These things need time to work, so it could take a few days or weeks before the results come. But, when taken regularly, you will definitely feel a difference. Remember to also always discuss any ideas of supplements to take with a health care professional before beginning.

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