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13 Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Back in 2013, shortly after I was diagnosed with Advanced Late Stage Lyme and soon-to-be Cancer (among a host of other health issues, I spent several weeks out at a Health Clinic as part of my treatment. I had hoped (not understanding or knowing the severity of my illnesses) that it would be the answer for my health issues. While it wasn't, it was a life-saving time (literally) and where I began to walk and eat again. 

While I was there I was introduced to several things that I have continued to incorporate to this day, one of them being Cod Liver Oil. When the doctor first mentioned taking it each day I looked at her with skepticism as I thought she must not have tried the "wonderful" taste of it. At the time she laughed and admitted that this was something that she had been recommending her patients do for years, but had only started taking herself recently. I was skeptical until she started sharing all of the health benefits from adding this quick and simple habit into my life. 

I will warn you that the Cod Liver Oil truly does not taste good. There are some brands that offer "taste enhancers" but in my opinion nothing truly masks the taste of Cod Liver Oil! I have found that having a small glass of cranberry juice to sip on immediately after is the only thing that truly kills the taste. (The kind that I have found to be the best is the Carlson's brand (you can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE!) 

As a bit of background, Cod Liver Oil has been used for over a hundred years. There are recorded notes of Cod Liver Oil being given as early as the 1890s to malnourished children and adults with arthritis! Here are just 13 amazing benefits of Cod Liver Oil:

1. The anti-inflammatory properties of Cod Liver Oil can help reduce some of the swelling that is known to cause arthritis pain.

2. Cod Liver Oil can help those with high cholesterol and heart disease.

3. Cod Liver Oil has been known to help relieve migraine headaches.

4. Cod Liver Oil has been known to fight inflammation.

5. Cod Liver Oil has been known to help regulate the immune system.

6. Some studies have suggested that Cod Liver Oil inhibits cancer cells!

7. Along the same lines as number 6, Dr. Patrick Quillin who holds a PhD, an RD, and a CNS degree and who wrote the book "Beating Cancer with Nutritionsaid: "Fish oil is therapeutic and can slow cancer."

8. Cod Liver Oil has lots of omega-3 fatty acids that are important to the body!

9.  Cod Liver Oil contains excellent amounts of EPA and DHA which are important omega-3 fatty acids.

10. Cod Liver Oil contains high levels of Vitamin A.

13. Cod Liver Oil may help depression.

With all of those benefits one small swallow and a little bad taste don't seem that important! Do y'all take Cod Liver Oil?