When You Have To Go Into Adult Mode

February 13, 2020

Being an adult really is intense. One minute you’re in high school and having the best time of your life, the next you’re sat at your desk in your home trying to work out the bills for the month, and wondering how life got to where it is now. We’re always so rushed when thinking about becoming an adult. As we got a little older we couldn’t wait to leave our parents home and have a taste of freedom. But now we’re wishing for it all back. Because adult life really can be hard, especially if you’re not making the right decisions in life. It’s sometimes hard to know what the right decision would even be because one minute you’re trying to decide whether you should add a subscription to your bill list, the next you’re having babies. It’s a whirlwind, so we’re going to talk you through some of the times you’ll have to go into full adult mode, and how you can make sure that you do it right!

Health Crisis
For some of you, it might not have been long since your mom stopped going to the doctors with you. Depending on how old you are, going to the doctors just isn’t something you want to be doing. But as we get older we’re far more prone to medical conditions and a health crisis that’s set to make our lives 10x. What’s even worse is trying to navigate your financials and speaking to your insurance to make sure that you’re covered for the treatment that you’re having. A really big adult decision is picking a plan, such as the medicare supplement plan d. The plan covers you for pretty much everything that you need to be covered for. Speaking to a financial advisor can also help, especially during a time where you do have to make a claim,

Family Drama
Nobody likes to deal with family drama, but that’s exactly what’s happening in some peoples life. Being an adult means you get to recognize all of the awkwardness that you might have missed when you were younger. Parents arguing, aunts and uncles making comments, and family feuds that can’t be ignored. The adult thing to do is either to let them get on with it or try and mediate it all. The more involved you get, the more risk you run of becoming part of the problem itself. Often these problems resolve themselves pretty quickly anyway!

Future Planning
Planning for the future is so important, yet so intimidating. To do so, you need to be able to put yourself first and your own wants and needs. The more time you spend thinking about other people and how they might want you to live your life, the more problems that you’re going to have. So to plan for the future, make sure you’re planning for things such as a better mortgage, savings, what job you want to do for the rest of your life. Make sure that everything you plan for is going to mean you’ll live your best life.

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