4 Essential Health Checks You Need As You Get Older

February 10, 2020

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When you’re young, health checks are important but become more essential as you age. When you are you young you may see things as optional, but these optional things become essential as you get older. 

Why? Because the body changes as we age, which opens the door to many different issues. So, here are the vital checks you should get on a somewhat regular basis: 

Dental checkup

Yes, you need this when you’re young, but it takes more significance as you age. The older you get, the more chance there is of developing oral health problems. Mainly, your teeth can fall out as your gums get weaker. By seeing a dentist a couple of times a year, you can prevent this from happening. As a result, you’ll hold onto a mouth full of teeth for much longer. 

Hearing health checkup

This is something you don’t need until you’re around 50 or so years of age. Again, when you age, your ears start to deteriorate. This leads to hearing loss, which can impact your life in so many negative ways. These days, there are sites like Listen Lively, where you can take online hearing tests. So, you can assess your hearing health without needing to leave home. You must check your hearing once a year to be sure that everything is okay. If you spot hearing loss early on, then it’s easier to treat and contain. 

Eye tests

Again, this is a health checkup that’s optional when you’re younger. Most people don’t need to get their eyes tested unless they experience issues with their vision. But, as an adult, the likelihood of needing glasses increases year after year. An eye test can help you get control of any sight issues before that cause damaging consequences in your life. Plus, eye doctors can check for other health problems as well, such as cataracts. 

Physical examination

You don’t need to have a chronic illness to go and see your doctor. As you get older, it helps to pop in for a physical examination every year or so. This is a full-scale examination of your physical health. You’ll have your blood pressure taken, cholesterol checked, and various other checks to ensure that everything is working as it should be. The older you get, the more important these examinations become. Sometimes, your doctor can spot the early signs of a damaging disease, like cancer. The earlier you spot something, the easier it is to treat the disease and cure it. 

When you’re growing up, you don’t have many health issues to concern yourself with. But, the human body goes through loads of changes during adulthood. So, it makes sense to be more conscious of your health when you get older. Reading through these health checks may make it seem like you’re in and out of a health clinic all the time. In reality, each one only takes around 30 minutes max. If you get each one once a year - but see the dentist twice - then that’s only five days of your year taken up. It’s not much at all, so there are no excuses to avoid them!

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