4 Ways To Feel Less Alone During Difficult Times

February 6, 2020

During hardships, we can easily feel alone. Whether that is recovery from depression, drug abuse or dealing with anxiety, all of these can create feelings of desperation and loneliness. It takes a lot of courage to be able to accept the conditions we deal with but there are ways in which we can start to feel a little more inclusive in the world once again. From creativity to communication, there are some positive ways to start the path towards healing. Be sure to always speak to your doctor if you have damaging or worrying thoughts and be sure to never suffer in silence. 
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Get Yourself On The Right Path 
  1. Joining clubs and classes - keeping in communication with people is key when you’re going through hard times, and it is important to ensure that you always speak about your problems. Certain clubs are better for different conditions, but sports clubs, yoga clubs and meditation classes can all be beneficial. If you suspect someone is suffering with some type of depression, alcohol abuse or signs of cocaine use, you can always guide them towards help groups that will allow them to communicate with people who are in similar situations and people who can give them the help they may need. 
  2. Write a blog or journal - a blog can be very similar to a journal. You can express your thoughts and experiences on an online platform that could also really help someone else in the same situation. It may even bring other people out of the woodwork who may comment and reach out to you with similar experiences. A blog is a great way also to look back over in the future and use it as a diary to share with the world. If you prefer to keep your thoughts private, then journaling can be a fantastic alternative. It can be vital to creating a happier healthier lifestyle
  3. Explain more to friends - if your friends don’t understand why you are constantly turning them down for coffee or a night out, they may believe it is something they have done and won’t understand your situation. Explaining your issue and confiding in them can help them to better understand and this will assist in making you feel better in yourself also. If they still don’t understand then perhaps they need time to process it. Don’t rush things and be sure to keep them in the know. It is also their duty to check in on you but communicating more with those around you will help.
  4. Honor the memory of your loved one- Losing someone you love is one of the most distressing and grim events you can ever face. Your relationship is not centered on the memory rather than the physical existence, but, this doesn't mean that you have lost everything about your loved one.There are numerous ways to remember and honor your loved one's memory long after they are departed, for instance, celebrating their birthdays, and setting up a permanent memorial and visit frequently. But the best way is to use cremation jewelry for ashes
  5. which has a center partition that lets you store incineration ashes of your treasured one or even some other emotional things like threads of hair.
  6. Get creative - being crafty and creating things can be really therapeutic. Be sure to look at doing activities that distract you from current issues and feelings. Whether it’s painting, creating crafts or drawing, all can be really good for the mind. Creating a mindful mood board can be great. Cut out images that inspire you and practice more mindfulness everyday to allow yourself to feel positive and happy. Things take time and each day is a step forward. 
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