How Can You Stay Safe When Travelling The World?

February 15, 2020

Travelling is exciting and fulfilling, but going to a place in the world that's completely new to you requires precautions. You should never let worry spoil your trip, but do spend some time planning and thinking about some of the following things before booking any kind of travel. 

Go to a ‘safe’ destination
You might have plans to travel to all kinds of weird and wonderful places in the world, perhaps even places that most people wouldn’t consider for a holiday. But before you do, check that it’s safe to do so. Some countries and destination are rife with war, suffer with terrorism and general political instability. In light of the Coronavirus news, others are potential hotspots for disease and aren’t advised to be travelled to. The foreign office has information online about which countries you are best to avoid and which are safe. Many are ok in certain areas but you might be advised to take caution or avoid others close by there. 

Get Vaccinated
Picking up with health again, when you travel to certain countries you may need to have vaccinations to protect yourself. Some of the common ones include diphtheria, polio, tetanus, Hepatitis A and cholera. Whether or not you have vaccinations can depend on how long you’re travelling for, which country you’re going to, whether there’s a legal requirement to provide a vaccination card before entering and your general health. For example, some places don't require vaccinations, but you may choose to have them just in case due to the prevalence of those diseases. 

Beware of crime
Tourists tend to make targets of crime because they carry valuables, don’t know the area and generally stick out like a sore thumb. Never carry cash, always use a prepaid card which can be cancelled if it’s lost or stolen. Leave valuables at home, things like jewellery and designed items could attract criminals. If you’re affected by crime or even hurt as a result, a lawyer like Jonathan Rosenfeld can help you to claim compensation. Keep your wits about you, don’t wander off alone and avoid areas that could put you at risk of criminal activity. 

Get Insured
Travel insurance is essential when you’re going away. It covers you against medical issues, and you can insure your property too. Spend time finding a policy you’re happy with, and always read the smallprint so you know what’s excluded. If you have pre existing medical conditions or anything else that needs to be declared, go about this in the right way so that in the event of making a claim, you don’t end up getting refused. 

Take precautions and stay safe and you’ll have a hassle free trip without any incidents. 

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