A Special Mother and Daughter Winter Road Trip

February 18, 2020

Caravan Sonnet Blog
Hello friends! It is so delightful to be back in this space with you after a few days away this past weekend! I have truly missed this community and am excited to be back! Thank you so much to each of you that have been connecting over on Instagram these past few days while we took a very special winter road trip throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine! (If you missed following our adventure in real time you can catch up some HERE on the IG February Road Trip stories icon!)

We had an incredible time and it was so beautiful and lovely for my little heart in so many different ways. I can't wait to share more in the coming weeks, especially about our beautiful stay at a castle (EEK!!!) where we stayed in the incredible library suite! It was as lovely as it sounds. *smiles*

Road trips are always special and over the years I have done several and shared with them in this space (you can read about all the Major ones I have done HERE) and this one was very special to do with my best friend and precious mom. I definitely recommend a winter road trip to all the moms and daughters out there! Getting away, even just for a few days, is always a beautiful gift for the heart and soul and this was no different. It has been an incredibly stressful several months and with two surgeries and several procedures this past month this was a beautiful blessing to regroup. I can't wait to share more in detail of the beautiful places we saw and visited and can't recommend enough!

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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