From Hope Valley Devotional (Week 17): The Beautiful Hope That is Found in History

February 26, 2020

Happy Wednesday friends! As I shared several  months, I am excited to re-share some of the most popular devotional posts that I wrote in 2017-2018 (if you would like to see the complete list you can find it HERE!) and am excited to share this one this week! I hope that this continues to be a beautiful blessing even several years later!
One of my favorite moments in the 1st episode of Season 2, is when Molly Sullivan states, "We've been through hard times before and we will weather them again". This small but simple statement by Molly reminds each of us that there is a beautiful hope that is found in history.

I have been told countless times in life "not to look back" or "not to live in the past". There is a wisdom found in these words (especially when dealing with the topic of total forgiveness) but Molly's words remind us that there is a special hope that can only be found in history.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit my workplace where I taught for several years. Some of my former students had written me the most precious letters and sent them to me and I was grateful to have a little bit of time to try to thank them in person for their kindness. As it happened they were all together in one classroom for their 12th grade girls Bible class (one of my favorite classes that I used to teach) at the same time I used to teach it, and in the exact same room that I used to teach it in. 
As I walked into the classroom (pictured above from my teaching days) that held thousands and thousands of moments for me, my mind raced with personal memories of all that God had done in that small school room.
I remembered with gratitude the way that the Lord had answered thousands of prayers of mine and my students. 
The way that the Lord faithfully kept His promise to carry me each and every day (Psalm 68:19).
The laughter and the tears that occurred in this room as we lived life together.
The amazing times along with the painful times.

The truth was that I entered room 211 in 2009 as a brokenhearted young woman who was still reeling from a broken engagement and left as a woman who had not only healed, but one who had seen the faithfulness of God as He provided time and time again. 

The timing of going back was not a coincidence. As I walked into room 211 in 2014 my health was in a very precarious state and I truly didn't know what the future would hold. Going back and having the rush of memories and gentle reminders of all that God had done spoke to my heart and gave me a courage and a hope that couldn't have been found anywhere else. 

In the summer of 2010 as I was praying for the upcoming year, I came across a precious verse from the book of Psalms. It said:

"Those who are wise will take heart, they will see in History the faithful love of the Lord."
To be honest as I cut out the colorful letters to place on my wall above the white board and VisionBoard I thought that the Lord was giving me the verse for my students. I shake my head now realizing how prideful that was. Because while the verse may have been used in some students lives, it was a verse that I saw and pondered every single day for two years. It was right about the front of the room and everyday I saw it as I walked the room and taught. I saw it as I sat at my desk to grade papers in the early evening hours, and in the early morning AP review sessions the sunlight would hit the letters and seemed to highlight those words. Every single time I was in that room I was confronted with this truth.

As a former History teacher I can see the hand of God throughout the years and decades and centuries that I taught. I could see that the faithful love of the Lord was not bound by race or culture, state or country, man or woman. And as a woman who walked back into room 211 in 2014 during an incredibly fragile and scary time in my life I was gently reminded anew and could take heart that as I look beyond the history of the world and countries and look back to my own little history I can clearly see the faithful love of the Lord. 

I have to believe that if Molly Sullivan was a "real" person she would stand testify similar things. She would have her own set of pictures running through her head of all that had happened. When we first met Molly in season 1, we saw the power of love restoring Rosaleen's (her daughter) lost voice. Since that episode in season 1 to this first episode in season 2, Molly's words show simply and profoundly that she had come to find the beautiful hope that is found in history. 

Sweet friends, if you are facing a difficult time or extreme discouragement, I pray that this concept of looking back in History brings you beautiful hope. There is a beautiful hope that can only be found in History... the beautiful hope of knowing that God who has helped us through hard times before will gently and mercifully meet us again in the dark days we are facing. Because of this we find courage and love and most of all the unique hope that only comes in history. 

"Those who are wise will take heart, they will see in History the faithful love of the Lord."
-the book of Psalms-
*originally published on Caravan Sonnet in June 2017*

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  1. I definitely needed this devotional today! What a powerful reminder from Psalms that God has brought me through trials in my life before, and He will do so again.

    1. Bailey,

      You are SO sweet friend. Thank you so much for the comment and your encouragement on this post. I needed this reminder too friend today. Boy did I need it. You have been in my prayers as y'all begin packing up and moving friend. I can't imagine how overwhelming everything is right now. How are you doing??

      Blessings, Rebecca