What Do You Give The Man Who Has Everything? 10 Gift Ideas For Him

March 29, 2019

Birthdays are supposed to be a time to celebrate your loved one's life. But when you don't have the right gift ideas for him, you may not be looking forward to it as much as you could be. 
Finding the right gift is all about demonstrating how well you know someone and how much attention you pay to what they like. But when the person you love already has everything they want, how do you know what to get them? Read on for some of our best suggestions for the man in your life.
1. A Robotic Lawn Mower
If your loved one played with a remote control car growing up, then they would love having their very own robotic lawn mower
Today's models can be pre-programmed to run daily keeping the lawn perfectly manicured without giving off any emissions. They also can be controlled by the remote just like your favorite childhood toys.

2. Funny Reads

There is nothing better than reading absurd stories or funny jokes while you're on the john. So why not pick up some light reads for the man in your life?
Look for books that have short individual stories that can be read in the time it takes to go to the bathroom. Quote books and poetry are also nice options since you can read as much as you want in one sitting.

3. An Absurd Amount of Batteries

If the person you're shopping for really has everything, then there is something they are always running out of - batteries. Why not make a joke about the whole thing and just purchase them a pallet of double A's? 
Everyone there can have a good laugh at how you knew they didn't want for anything but more power.

4. Butler Service for a Day

Depending on who you're offering a gift to, why not consider giving them butler service for a day?
You can do things like cook for the person, straighten up their things, do their laundry, and chauffeur them around. It's a great way to spend quality time with the person you love and engage in acts of service.

5. A Subscription to a Craft Beer Club

A lot of men enjoy drinking craft beers because they're tasty and locally made. Why not indulge your loved one's interest by getting them a subscription to a craft beer club?
One option is to set them up with regular deliveries of craft beers from around the country or around the world. That way they can sample all kinds of different beers. Just make sure you find out what styles of beer they like first so you can make the best selection.
Alternatively, you can sign them up for a brewery tour where they can learn about how beer is made and then set themselves up with the beers they like the best as part of a subscription package.

6. Dinner Made by a Private Chef

Hiring a private chef to come to your house is a luxury most people don't give themselves. Why not hire a great chef in your area to come to your loved one's house and either give them cooking lessons or just make them a nice meal.
You could choose a chef that cooks local and sustainable food or hire a chef who specializes in barbecue if that seems more up your loved one's alley.
Or if you live in a marijuana-friendly state, you could hire a chef that specializes in cannabis-infused dishes. The only limit is your imagination and the limits of the imaginations of the chefs that live in your area.

7. Their First Flight Lesson

Scheduling a flight lesson for someone is a great way to open the door for them to have an experience they have always longed for, but may have never provided for themselves.
Who knows, you could introduce them to something that will become a new hobby of theirs. Be the reason someone gives their dream a try.

8. A Skydiving Experience

A lot of people want to go skydiving at least one time in their life. So why not purchase a daytime adventure for your loved one?
If they're keen on the experience, but you're not sure you feel comfortable providing the opportunity for someone to jump out of a plane, why not consider an indoor skydiving option? There are a lot of places where you can put on a jumpsuit and feel like you're flying without putting yourself in a risky situation.

9. A Trip to the Racetrack

If your man is a speed demon, why not send him for a trip to the racetrack? A lot of guys enjoy the feeling of pushing the pedal to the metal and seeing how hard they can push their limits.
Make sure you look into what kind of cars they like beforehand so that you can select a track that offers that option as part of the experience.

10. A Challenge Coin

You don't have to venture to the biggest malls on the planet for a gift. There are a lot of great options that you can find and have shipped to your loved one like challenge coins. 
A challenge coin is a great way to mark a special occasion. You can come up with your own design inspired by the man in your life. Read more here about challenge coins.

Beyond Gift Ideas for Him: More Great Advice for Women

Another good idea is buying an oil, for example, CBD oil, which both of you can use. Shopping for the man in your life isn't always easy. But remember it's the thought that counts when choosing between gift ideas for him. Choose something that shows the other person that you know them well and that you care about supporting their interest and hobbies.

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