The Best Ways to Explore Australia

March 27, 2019

If you would like to make the most out of your long haul trip, you might want to start planning ahead months before you travel. In case you have already picked Australia as your destination, you should first decide how to explore this large and often underrated country. From wildlife tours to culinary and cultural experiences, there are several ways you can connect with the continent. Here are a few tips.

There is something absolutely unique about the skies in Australia. If you would like to experience vast space, freedom, and tranquility, you might book a camping trip to get the best of both worlds; staying close to nature and spending some quality time with your loved ones in  a relaxing atmosphere. You can have a look at the selection of Summerstar Caravan Parks in Western Australia to find out about the best locations and the activities available in the area before you choose your destination.
Self Driving
To enjoy complete freedom, you could also try self driving tours, so you can see the wildlife, geological wonders, such as the Uluru and feel a special connection with the culture and the traditions of the country, There will be long distances to cover between different locations, so your best bet is to hire a car and have the freedom to stop whenever you wish.

Surf Resorts
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Australia, of course, is also a paradise for water spots. You can book a beach hotel and get a course on surfing, diving, or sailing. No matter what level of adrenaline you are seeking from your trip, Australia will certainly have the right option for you. Surfing in Australia is almost like a national sport, and you will certainly pick up a tip or two from locals who love spending every minute they have to spare on the beach.
Rock Climbing
If there is one activity that will appeal to all adrenaline junkies in Australia, and give you a challenge for your vacation, it is rock climbing. There are plenty of amazing rocks to climb in Australia, and you will find great instructors and training programs that will help you master the skill and stay safe hundreds of feet above the ground.

Wildlife Resorts
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In case you have not seen Australia’s wildlife in their natural habitat yet, this might be your time to visit one of the wildlife resorts. You might not know, but Australia has plenty of world class ecotourism resorts and lodges, such as Kangaroo Island, or Tasmania. Pick a beach location to explore the shore and find out more about the Great Barrier Reef, or stay close to the wilderness. Explore the natural wonders of this great country in style.

Planning a vacation to Australia can be challenging, as there are simply too many things to see. From the emus to the kangaroos, the stunning beaches, and the unique rock formations, you will have to choose your activities carefully. If you are a nature lover, you might even experience Ecotourism Australian style.

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