Celebrate in Style: 5 Exciting Anniversary Date Ideas for Couples

March 30, 2019

When's the last time you threw all your cares away and just had fun for your anniversary? It's probably been a while, especially if you have kids. But parental responsibilities or not, it's hard to find time away from our busy lives and actually plan something unique and exciting.A basic movie and dinner night is nice, but what you need is something different! Step away from the boring and step into adventure. Here are 5 special anniversary date ideas that a dinner and movie night can't compare to. 

1. Revisit the Spot Where You First Met or Had Your First Date
Nothing says romance more than revisiting the place where all of those mushy feelings first came about. Although, if you first met somewhere like a school or job, you might not be able to have a date night at that specific location. So think back to your first date or any other memorable moment you two shared with one another and revisit it.It's always nice to bring back old memories and good times shared. It's also a great way to feel young again and feel all those butterflies again. Make it a night and bring a romantic picnic or plan it out to relive the night exactly how you did the first time.

 2. Get on the Road: Take A Road Trip to Anywhere
Sometimes the best anniversary ideas are the ones where you can just get out of town. It's never a bad idea to forget about reality every once in a while and just focus on yourself and your significant other. So hop in the car and drive!A road trip doesn't always require a carefully thought out plan of action. It's super spontaneous to just jump in the car and see where the road takes you. You'll have a lot of fun.As long as you and your spouse are both okay with not having a set plan, go for it! If you do need things more planned out, no worries. Road trips are fun when planned out as well. 

3. Plan a Night at the Comedy Club
Who doesn't love a good laugh? If you two aren't the best at telling jokes, then check out a local comedy club for laughs all around. Comedy clubs lighten up the atmosphere and ensure that everyone has a great night.It's definitely one of the funniest things to do on your anniversary.

4. Schedule a Day for an Escape Room
For extreme excitement, adventure lovers will really enjoy scheduling a day at an Escape Room attraction. Escaping the room requires lots of teamwork and communication. So it's time to put all those years of getting to know one another to use and work together to solve the mystery!It's a good bonding experience and one of the most fun couple anniversary ideas out there! 

5. Buy Tickets to a Local Sports Game
If you and your spouse share a love for the same sport, then consider buying tickets to a local sporting event. There's plenty of local sports leagues that you can enjoy watching together. Don't feel restricted to expensive football games only. Although, those are fun too! And for couples feeling athletic, consider planning a night to play a sport with one another. You can go kayaking, play tennis, and others.

Exciting Anniversary Date Ideas You Never Thought Of
Anniversary date ideas don't have to stop at a dinner and a movie. There are so many options out there for you. And taking the time to find your inner teenager again with your spouse is refreshing and often times needed. So the next time you need some romantic ideas for anniversaries with a bit of a spin on them, keep these 5 in mind. And for when you just feel like getting out of the house and exploring, check out these 10 tips for exploring your own city.

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