Greener on the Other Side: Why Living Green Can Be a Fulfilling Lifestyle

March 27, 2019

Are you considering living a more green lifestyle? 

There's no denying that living green benefits the planet in countless ways. It encourages less waste, reduces pollution and helps to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.  With the plethora of environmental benefits, it's simple to forget the many other benefits that arise from living green. In addition to benefiting our planet, living green is incredibly beneficial to individual practicing that lifestyle. Establishing a green lifestyle often leads to saving money, improved health and minimizing environmental guilt.  If you're interested in living a more green lifestyle, you're going to want to read this. We're uncovering seven additional benefits of living green and how this can lead to a more fulfilling daily life. 

1. Saving Money
First and foremost, a green lifestyle is incredibly wallet-friendly! On top of knowing that you're helping to save the planet, you can also rest assured this lifestyle change will benefit your bank account.  For many, this comes in terms of switching to more environmentally friendly energy sources. This could be anything from opting for LED lights to installing solar panels. Both of these products have proven to be significantly more inexpensive to maintain than their standard competition. Other means of saving money with a more green lifestyle include growing your own produce, minimizing driving and using less energy.  

2. It's Better For Our Health
When we consider that going green is good for the planet, it's no surprise that going green is also good for our individual health.In terms of our homes, going green means surrounding ourselves with food and products that are free from harmful chemicals. In consuming fewer chemicals, our body is able to remain strong and minimize our chances of developing a disease. When it comes to diet, many eco-conscious individuals choose to opt for a meat-free diet. This is due to the fact that meat related products can be incredibly harmful to the environment and significantly depletes our resources. For example, it takes 2400 liters of water to produce a typical beef hamburger. In minimizing our meat intake, we are more likely to nourish our bodies with plant-based foods as well as fruits and vegetables. Even transitioning your household products to all natural, environmentally friends products are sure to benefit your everyday health. No longer will you be surrounded and breathing in chemicals that are harmful to your health and the outside world. Not sure where to start? Try this online store to get started and learn more about all natural cleaning products! 

3. It Minimizes our Environmental Guilt
There's no denying the guilt that results from knowing we are contributing to harming our planet. While it may seem impossible to change the bigger picture, it is possible to change our daily habits. And, in changing our daily habits, we know in our hearts that we are doing our part to help protect our earth. The truth is, adjusting to a greener daily life is simple. The reward that stems from these changes is incredibly beneficial to our mental health in addition to the planet itself. Simply knowing that we are doing our part to help the environment is good for our mental health. 

4. It Motivates New Hobbies
One of the most exciting benefits of going green involves all of the new hobbies that tend to result from such a lifestyle change. For many, going green may quickly transition from a lifestyle change to a passion. With this passion, an array of new, environmentally-friendly hobbies are born. This may include anything from gardening and biking to attending eco-friendly discussions and meeting like minded people. In most circumstances, these new hobbies are incredibly healthy and rewarding. They're also typically cost-effective and beneficial to our mental health as well as our physical health. 

5. It Supports a More Active Lifestyle
In choosing a green lifestyle, we naturally begin to lead a more active lifestyle. For example, many environmentalists will choose to opt for a ride-share, cycle or walking as their primary mode of transportation. This is because the emissions from driving a car contribute significantly to global warming. In fact, the transportation industry is responsible for approximately 13 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. When we consider just how many cars are on the road at any given time, it's easy to see how this has become such a serious issue. By choosing to walk or cycle, we are decreasing our impact on the environment and increasing our fitness. As an added bonus, this time spent outside and being active will naturally help to lift our mood

6. It Encourages Socializing
Today, there's an incredibly large circle of individuals that are passionate about the environment. Together, many of these individuals form groups or councils that are centered upon their environmental dedication. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow environmentalists in your area and bond over your passion for the environment. 

7. It Ignites a Passion
There's no denying that transitioning to a green lifestyle can ignite a serious passion in our souls. After all, it simply feels good to know that we are making an effort to change the world and better the environment. As a result, many people will choose to take their passion for the environment further and contribute to the bigger picture. This is where volunteer trips, missions and campaigns are often born and bred. This may also encourage career changes and encourage others to adopt a similar lifestyle and passion. 

Living Green: How to Create a Fulfilling Life
Are you ready to commit to reducing your carbon footprint? If so, the planet would like to extend it's most sincere thanks! But, the planet isn't the one that will benefit from your commitment to living green. As it turns out, living a green lifestyle is actually incredibly beneficial to our daily life. Even small, pro-environment changes can have a profound impact on our overall health, our wallets and even our mental health.By committing to a green lifestyle, we are working together to save the planet and better our daily life. If you're in search of more lifestyle articles, be sure to visit my blog

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