Are These Health Issues Becoming More Common?

March 1, 2019

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There are health issues around the world that are definitely becoming more common, and we should definitely be opening our eyes to them. The world is ever changing, and luckily so is the way that we treat such conditions that seem to be on the rise. But is there more we can be doing to prevent them altogether? The way the human body works is just so complex, so to understand how we can prevent every little thing that goes wrong with it, just isn’t going to happen in our lifetime. Because even when professionals think they completely understand a condition or illness, someone new comes along with a new symptom, or the illness presents itself within the cells in a new way, and investigations begin again. But it’s one of the great things about medicine, we’re always learning every day about the human body, and coming up with new and innovative ways that we can cure illnesses. So, the purpose of this article is going to be to warn you of health issues that we think are becoming more common, and what you can do about them!

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Breast Cancer
Breast cancer does not only relate to women, and that’s something that we feel a lot of people are forgetting at the minute. Breast cancer can affect both genders, especially males if it already runs in the family. But screening doesn’t happen until later on in life, unless you push for one earlier. 3D mammography is one of the most advanced ways of getting a clear picture of what might be going on in your breast, but before you even get to the point of having one, you need to know what you’re looking for. Once a month you should be checking your breasts for any lumps, tender spots, or really painful spots. Noticing changes is so vital to early detection, even if the change be to do with the colour or size of your nipple, it could still be an indication. So many women don’t even check, but just a simple feel each month could save your life.

There has been a noted increase in both types of diabetes, especially type two diabetes. Type two diabetes generally shows itself later on in life, and it has been noted that a poor lifestyle can trigger the onset of it. People with type one diabetes generally develop their symptoms in adolescence. It’s such a complicated condition to try and manage, with people have to check what’s in everything they eat and drink, and some have to take a shot after everything they put into their bodies. The complications can be severe, such as going into a diabetic coma if it’s not managed properly. If you Google the symptoms and think you have any, especially relating to type two, it’s best off that you go to the doctors and get it checked out!

Obesity is definitely becoming more common, and we think the issue people have is that they don’t notice it’s becoming a problem. All you have to do to check, is do a simple BMI calculator. If you’re someone who is tall and works out, then your BMI is going to say you’re obese. Bone and muscle mass will contribute to a higher reading. But most of the time, it will give you a good indication as to whether you need to start hitting the gym or not!

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