a chilly winter weekend

January 28, 2019

Happy Monday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful start to this new week! How was your weekend? Mine seemed to fly by with fun and sweet times! And some of you reading this are just going to laugh because you know it is true, but it was chilly and I loved it. *smiles*
It was a beautiful (and chilly!) weekend with sun and blue skies! Parts of Vermont look like I live in a Hallmark Winter Movie Set. *smiles*
Ferry rides are a favorite, but the ice can cause some "fun" hahaha... this was me on Thursday when ice caused the ferry to stop... I sent a picture to J stating it was obviously a male driver at the helm ;) Hahaha! 
On Saturday I was out in the mountains and it was gorgeous! The snow and the mountains and the snow covered trees are just gorgeous! 
Y'all know I love mail and mail from Jamaica was so fun! Thanks so much Sepi for the fun postcard! It looked warm *smiles*!
Saturday afternoon I worked on shop details (for both December Caravan and December Lane) and wrapped up orders for the December Caravan shop! Thank you so much for your support sweet friends! 

Later that night I watched the movie "First Man" with friends. Have y'all seen it? I was skeptical because there were so many negative reviews, but y'all I enjoyed it ... it really makes you think about who we are as people in the face of ordinary and extraordinary moments in life... and also realizing on a deep and complex level how flawed we all are...and the hope that can be found despite this... I realized in new ways how circumstances in our lives can affect people and understanding someone's story is so incredibly important. If you saw it what were your thoughts? 

If you haven't seen it- I would definitely recommend watching it and going into it with an open mind... I think that most of the reviews were expecting something else. I went into realizing that this is not a review of the space program (of which there are other good movies that do so!) but telling of a story of a man who made history, and that is why I think I enjoyed it. Another thing was that so many of the negative reviews said that it "depicted Armstrong completely wrong", but I found it interesting to read that his family believed that the movie "nailed it" and they were contributors to the film. In all honesty, this made me appreciate the movie more...we know he planted the flag... but this raw and real human component that was portrayed of this brilliant man was (I thought) incredibly well done. Let me know what you think! 
Yesterday (Sunday) was spent connecting with friends and loved ones, yoga, being outdoors and writing letters to dear ones. I can't believe that we are already ready to start February at the end of this week y'all! This new year seems to be flying so quickly. I want to grab onto the moments and just hold time still in some ways, and yet it continues to march forward and with that I know will come new adventures and joys. 

Yesterday was also a special day in my heart as Yesterday was also Holocaust Remembrance Day. I wrote and shared a little about my heart about this important day yesterday, which you can read about HERE. We stopped, paused, and took time to pay tribute to all of the heroes. #neveragain 

Did y'all have a good weekend? Did you do anything special this weekend? Happy Monday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful beginning to your new week! 

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