A Walk Through Cologne Square // Germany

July 10, 2018

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope that your week has started off well! Back in June I shared that on our 5th day of our Rhine River cruise we had the amazing opportunity to spend the morning cruising the Middle Rhine River. (You can read about the first part of our scenic cruising HERE and the second part HERE!) Then we spent the afternoon and early evening exploring the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany. (You can read more about a walk through historic cologne HERE.)
As we made our way to the Cathedral we walked through cologne square where our tour guide spent some time sharing about the different buildings. 
One of the things that I never tired of on our trip was all of the amazing architecture that had been preserved throughout the different centuries. 
Isn't the architecture so unique?
I loved seeing this area of Cologne and learning more about the history of the buildings and hearing the stories of this city on this tour. It was truly fascinating! 
I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of a walk through Historic Cologne! In my next post I can't wait to share more about the Cologne Cathedral and its unique survival during the bombing of World War II. The Cathedral was absolutely magnificent! If you are interested in reading more about our Basel to Amsterdam cruise on Viking, you can click on the links below: 


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