Cruising the Middle Rhine [Part 2]

April 24, 2018

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope that your week has started off well! Last week I shared that on our 5th day of our Rhine River cruise we had the amazing opportunity to spend the morning cruising the Middle Rhine River. (You can read about the first part of our scenic cruising HERE!) 
 It was a beautiful experience and definitely one of our favorite parts of the trip (even if we did freeze! hahaha!) and I am so excited to share with y'all some more pictures from the morning. 
It truly felt like a storybook come to life. 
As we watched the rolling hills and European towns and castles pass us by I had so many moments of just awe. It definitely felt like you were transported back to another time.
One of the neatest things was experiencing this area of the world by river cruising. I know that I have shared before the differences between river and ocean cruising (you can read the post HERE), but seeing this area of the world by cruising was a special treat. I definitely walked away from the trip and this time really feeling that I had experienced this area of the world versus just seeing it from a distance.
Being so close to each of the towns and castles made me dream of future trips to come and spend time at these individual towns. All of the quaintness just was lovely.
It seemed like around every bend there was a beautiful new castle or cathedral to see!
Each of the castles were so unique in their shape and their structure and yet had a similarity to them too.
This castle above was one of the most intriguing I felt. During the scenic cruising (as I mentioned) the tour director told us the names and some brief stories and history about each of the castles that we were seeing. We enjoyed our time to much to write notes but it was interesting to learn about and later on we purchased a Rhine River Castle Book to help us with our scrapbooking of the trip! 
The sun throughout the morning would peak in and out and while we had a few moments of rain, it really was a beautiful day.
Hearing about the stories and lives of those from a different era put a personal note on each of the castles and towns that we were seeing. It was a gentle reminder that we all are creating history each day of our lives with the choices that we make.
Sometimes in the day to day it can become easy to forget that, but as I took a step back and really thought about what we were seeing and learning (and hearing some of the tragic stories of those who made some bad decisions) it was a great reminder to treasure the moments and love deeply those around us.
As the scenic cruising part of the morning started to come to a close my mom and I both agreed that it was one of our favorite parts of our trip!
If you ever have an opportunity to cruise the Rhine River- definitely jump at the chance to go and do so! You will not regret it!
As Marksburg castle came into view our scenic cruising time came to an end. We visited Marksburg Castle in the afternoon on the 5th day and I can't wait to share more about that - it was really neat to see that castle!
I hope that you loved getting a look at the scenic cruising on the Middle Rhine! If you are interested in reading more about our Basel to Amsterdam cruise on Viking, you can click on the links below: 

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