Bringing '90s Back This Summer

July 17, 2018

We all know that fashion is cyclical. It is a hungry ouroboros constantly chasing and consuming its own
tail. No look ever really dies in fashion, which is why it’s worth keeping hold of those truly beloved items
in your closet that the tides of fashion have turned against. You never know when they might come
back. Look around in any given decade and you’ll see echoes of what has come before all around you.
They’re in every hem, every neckline, every shade and every embellishment. Designers have an
ingenious talent for taking the design tropes of yesteryear and revivifying them with a contemporary
twist do be devoured by fashion conscious consumers. Some will remember when this stuff was cool
the first time around, while for younger fashionistas it will all seem fresh and new. Everyone wins.
Here we’re going to look at the ‘90s retro chic that has seemed to come and go in fashion circles
for close to a decade now. We’ll take a look at just what it is about the ‘90s that generates so much
goodwill and look at how you can employ some ‘90s retro appeal to your wardrobe this summer…
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The ‘90s nostalgia hype is real!
Of course nostalgia is nothing new, especially in the world of fashion and popular culture. Just
what is it about the ‘90s that we keep coming back to in our fashion and our pop culture? Well, there’s
comfort in the familiar and the go-go ‘90s were politically, economically and culturally a very
comfortable time for a lot of us. The recession of the ‘80s and the first gulf war were a distant memory
and the credit crunch of the late ‘00s was still a long way off. In the pre-911 world people felt a little
safer and a little more secure. The economy was strong and many of us had a much more favorable
work / life balance than they do today. The soundtrack to the ‘90s was one of good willed rebellion and
introspective angst. It was the time of Nirvana and Alanis Morissette, of Radiohead and Beck.  And
let’s not forget that we had some of the best TV of the modern age. From The Simspons
(back when it was at the top of its game) to The X Files, from The Rugrats to Xena Warrior Princess
and of course the definitive sitcom of our time, the voice of our generation... Friends. There was a
plethora of great TV which was doled out by the networks in bite sized chunks, before the luxury of
streaming brought us an all you can eat buffet of content so huge that it became an embarrassment
of riches.

We all love the ‘90s and look back on it fondly, now here’s how you can bring some of that sweet ‘90s
style into your summer looks…

Bring back that ‘90s hip hop vibe with your eyewear
The ‘90s were a seminal era for the nascent genre of hip hop. It had pulled itself up by its bootstraps
out of the projects of The Bronx and South Central Los Angeles and impacted on the mainstream in
a big way. But you don’t need a chunky gold chain or a huge baggy basketball shirt to celebrate the
evolution of this artform. The eyewear of the early ‘90s was one of its defining traits and you can
check out this selection of sunglasses by Cazal to rekindle some of those fond memories. If you want
to show your ‘90s nostalgia but don’t want to wear it too heavily on your sleeve, this is the perfect

Everyone loves dungarees
Dungarees and dungarees dresses were a fashion staple of the ‘90s that enjoy particular popularity
today. The beauty of the dungaree and the dungaree dress is that it’s an item everyone can wear and
feel confident and beautiful while wearing it. Whatever your body type there’s a style to suit you.
From oversized and baggy boyfriend style denim dungarees, to sleek skinny legged styles there’s a
dungaree to suit every taste, size and shape.

The flannel shirt
The flannel shirt is an American classic that will never really go out of fashion. This grungy staple was
likely a regular part of your teenage wardrobe rotation and more often than not accompanied by a
Nirvana or Ramones t shirt and a pair of short shorts… Thus, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a time
machine when you see teenagers wearing this exact outfit on the high street in 2018. The flannel shirt
doesn’t discriminate. It looks great on mean and women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you
incorporate it into your normal layering or rock it around the waist (oh yeah, that look is back!), it’s a
great summer staple that will still be cool when it’s time to take it on your fall road trip.

Chokers for all
Chokers were once the cherry on the top of a bohemian style ensemble in the ‘90s and while they
never really went away, they’re more en vogue than ever right now thanks to influential patrons like
Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The choker can set off just about any look and can be dressed up or
down depending on your outfit.
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Crop tops are for everyone
Crop tops were a fashion staple in the mid to late ‘90s and it’s more than likely that they were a regular
part of your rotation. You may well have seen the cool kids rocking them over the past couple of years
and bemoaned the fact that your midriff isn’t quite as tones as it was in 1998. But if you think that’s a
reason to deprive yourself of this summer essential, think again. The resurgence of the crop top
doesn’t discriminate. Fashion bloggers of all shapes and sizes have shown that they can make it work.
From slender waif types to sexy voluptuous girls to ripped athletic girls, the crop top is for everyone…
Including you!

So reinvigorate your wardrobe (or dig some old favorites out of the closet), throw on some early
Jay Z and celebrate 90s revival in style!

This may be a contributed post but all of the thoughts I agree with and match the tone of my blog .

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