7 Things You Must See When You Visit Old Town Colmar in the Winter // Colmar, France

December 9, 2020

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Happy Friday friends! Today I am excited to re-share a post about one of my favorite stops along our Rhine River Cruise that we took in 2017 on Viking River Cruise! I have shared often that our visit to Colmar, France was one of our favorite stops for a variety of reasons! (I have shared a brief history of the old town Colmar which you can read about HERE!) Lots of people visit Colmar in the Spring and Summer which looks stunning, but for those that are traveling during the winter, today I am so excited to share with y'all 7 Things that you must see when you visit Colmar in the Winter!

With international travel halted I thought that this would be a fun look back at beautiful Colmar along with a bit of wanderlust planning for those that are looking forward to travel (hopefully) next year. 

For those of you who are interested in taking the Rhine River Cruise that we took with Viking Cruises these things will be seen on your tour and you will also have time to explore some things on your own after the guided tour portion of the excursion. 
A quick note for those of you that are visiting during the winter- most of the pictures that I had seen of Colmar before we traveled there all seemed to be from either the Spring (with all of the flowers) or from the Christmas Market. We were able to see the Christmas Market (the last day is on December 30th) but I felt that there was so much more to the Old Town and would honestly love to return! Whenever you go- but especially when you travel in the winter make sure to see these 7 things! 
1. The Maison des TĂȘtes (House of the Heads)
This strange and uniquely remarkable house is a perfect example of Rhineland Renaissance style that was built in 1609. What sets this 3- story house apart are the 106 heads that are covering the front of the house. According to our tour guide the original owner and architect of the house wanted to honor his friends so he included all of their faces on his house. Originally a private home, the entrance gate now provides a pretty and peaceful courtyard that leads to the open-air restaurant at the four-star Hotel Des Tetes. If you are interested in finding out more about the hotel or the restaurant you can find information on their website HERE
2. The Colmar Cathedral (St. Martin Collegiate Church)
I will be sharing in a future post all about the Colmar Cathedral, but you will definitely want to visit this when you are in Colmar! Also- the buildings that surround the Cathedral are some of the oldest in Colmar. 
3. The Old Customs House
Built in 1480 the Old Customs house had two different purposes: first, it was a storeroom for goods that come into the city that need to be taxed and second it was the town hall. Make your way to this area and make sure to climb to the top of the stone steps as it is one of the most picturesque views that Colmar has to offer. 
**the above pictures are not of the old customs house simply pictures from our fantastic time in Colmar to give you a glimpse of this adorable place**
4. Beautiful Architecture
Wherever you walk throughout Old Town Colmar you are sure to be caught by the beautiful views of the architecture that span this town that was built from 1100 to 1700. It is beautiful to see and just amazing to take in. So many different styles and themes you will love viewing the rich architectural history of this place. 
5. Musee Unterlinden
This beautiful museum is located in a former convent that dates back to the 13th century. Known for its extensive collection of Romanesque and Gothic sculptures, medieval paintings, folk art, and even crafts the Museum has an extensive exhibitions. A famous highlight of the museum is the Isenheim Chapel which includes the chief treasure of the chapel- the Matthais Grunewald's Isenheim Altar, one of the most moving masterpieces of German paintings in the work. Originally painted in the early 1500s for the convent it is now a focal piece to see in the museum. 
6. Colmar Christmas Market
Voted the 2nd Best Christmas Market in Europe, the Magic of Christmas comes alive with the Christmas market in Old Town Colmar. Wonderfully decorated and illuminated there are numerous celebrations in addition to the unique shopping that is provided. If you would like to visit during the Christmas season or find out more about the Colmar Christmas Market you can find the website HERE
7. Scenic Quartier des Tanneurs
The Tanners' Quarter is a beautiful neighborhood of picturesque half-timbered houses and canals that date back as far as the 17th and 18th centuries. Originally named for the tanners that created leather products on this street they would use the upper floors as a way to dry out the skins. 
There are of course so many additional things to see in beautiful Colmar but I hope this list helps as a starting point of 7 Things you must see when you are visiting. Interested in reading more posts from our Viking River Cruise on the Rhine River? Simply click on the links below! 


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