The Novel Garden for Twenty History Lane

July 6, 2018

Today, my little heart is beyond excited to share a special project that I have been dreaming about and planning for a long time, which will be in conjunction with a new website and collective that is going to be announced on July 16th! I can't wait to share all of the details but for now I wanted to share a little bit more about The Novel Garden

As an author and former teacher, I have always believed that the power of the written word could change the course of a life and bring hope. Simply put... reading is a way to change the world. 

The dream and concept for The Novel Garden began and developed over time into what it is now. 
Inspired by stories, travel, and history, The Novel Garden is a book review account for 20th century stories. With every book purchased we will give back. 
So how will this work? In short, every month there will be a "book of the month" that will coincide with the time frame decade that is being focused on through Twenty History Lane. For every book purchased we will match book for book purchased and donate the books to local children's hospitals, shelters, libraries, and group homes. All you need to do is send an email to: with a confirmation of receipt of payment! 
Interested to learn more about Twenty History Lane? It launches on July 16th! In the mean time you can follow along and get updates at the following places:

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