Caravan Sonnet: #whenthealphabetrunsgreen book chapter - all about stevia


#whenthealphabetrunsgreen book chapter - all about stevia

Every few months it seems that the internet explodes with research that has been done about stevia and its affect on killing Lyme Disease.[i] In 2015 there was a study done at the University of New Haven that brought this discussion into the forefront of mainstream talk as a possible cure for Lyme.

The study (that was conducted in test tubes) showed that the stevia leaf extract wiped out Lyme Disease in various forms. The study was performed in test tubes and petri dish situations but there has not been any extensive studies done (thus far) on how this would work in humans. Like many areas of promising Lyme treatment concepts there is the need for clinical trials.

Despite this, there were several points that were interesting that came out of the study that Lyme patients may want to consider if they are thinking about using this in their protocol to get better:

1)       In the study there were four different types of Stevia that were tested. There were were liquid ones (3) and one that was a powdered form. Interestingly researches noted that it was the alcohol extracted stevia that killed the Lyme bacteria, not the powdered form.[ii]
2)       When compared against certain antibiotics that are often used to kill Lyme Disease the Stevia seemed to out perform them.[iii] Again, this was in the use of a test tube, not in a human trial.

So what does this mean for those who are fighting Lyme and would like to see if Stevia would be a potential cure? Like everything with Lyme Disease it is first important to discuss with your doctor your consideration of using Stevia in your protocol.

Second, it is important to once again clarify that that the study was done in a laboratory. Laboratory research is extremely important – especially to the advancement of science and research, but there is still the lingering question of how patients will respond.

“The good news is that Dr. Richard Horowitz, author of “How Can I Get Better?" An Action Plan for Treating Resistant Lyme & Chronic Disease,” is currently conducting clinical studies using combinations of antibiotics with and without stevia for his patients with chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Horowitz says, “No one is claiming stevia is a cure for Lyme disease. The research that I am doing in my office on stevia as a biofilm buster also involves using it with tetracyclines, rifampin, Dapsone and other medications/herbal protocols to hit different forms of borrelia. I am having success with that protocol.”[iv]
As we wait for all of these studies to continue and clinical trials to happen, many Lyme patients (including myself) have used (under the direction of a qualified Lyme doctor) Stevia in our journeys to health. I don’t view it as a “cure all” at this point simply because of the lack of conclusive research done in humans, but I am glad that I spoke with my doctor and added it in (under their direction) to my protocol. I do believe that this has truly helped me live and heal from Lyme Disease. Like many Lyme patients my doctor gave me a schedule of how to use Stevia in conjunction with other treatment that I am doing. If you haven’t tried Stevia yet and are thinking about it, I would strongly suggest consulting with your physician and doing your research.

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