A Walk Through Old Town Heidelberg // Germany

March 19, 2018

Happy Monday friends! I hope that y'all had a fabulous weekend! Today I am so excited to continue sharing about our Rhine River Cruise with Viking. On January 1st, after spending time at Heidelberg Castle we headed down to take a walk through Old Town Heidelberg. 
We really enjoyed the opportunity to walk throughout the streets and explore this quaint part of the city. To be honest, this was the one tour with Viking that my mom and I were both extremely disappointed with. Our tour guide (at the castle) and for the old town walk unfortunately was just not great and that is what made us dislike the tour. After we left the castle and realized that this same tour guide would be leading our walking tour in Old Town Heidelberg, we decided to not follow her. Many people in our group decided to leave the group at this point in the tour because of the guide, and we followed suit. It was honestly the best decision that we could have made. We heard later on from others that stayed with the tour guide that it was extremely disappointing and we were happy with our decision to explore this part of Heidelberg on our own. 
Because it was a holiday (January 1st) and because it was Christmas Break for the University, almost every shop was closed when we visited. My mom and I are not huge shoppers so this was not something that bothered us, but I know that some people on the cruise were disappointed about this. 
We walked throughout the streets, taking in the beautiful architecture, the buildings, and even had a chance to listen to an opera singer performing in the square. His voice was amazing and the experience was extremely beautiful.
While most of the restaurants were closed, there were a few cafe's that were open and we had the opportunity to step in and sip on some warm coffee drinks in the chilly afternoon.
As we walked around I was once again enamored with all of the different shutters that we had seen so much of on our trip. I shared this on instagram last week, but one of my favorite quotes kept going through my mind as I saw all of these shutters... 

"The day you start falling in love, with the wrecked homes and broken windows instead of running away from them, you will find a story that fills your soul, behind every burnt door."

Isn't that the truth? I love that quote.
As we wandered and explored the old town we saw a shop open and stepped in. It was one of the neatest shops and the lady there sold these incredibly beautiful handmade journals. Y'all know how much I love to write and what a journaler (is this a word? *smiles*) I am so this was a treasure to find. The paper is handmade from a friend of hers in India and one of the things I love about the journal was that replacement papers could be purchased in the future so you can keep using the journal. It was a really neat keepsake to find on our trip. 

As we got talking with her the owner explained to us that during the warmer months the square (that you see in the picture above) is lined with cute tables and flowers and people spend so much time out there eating meals, hanging out, and walking the square. For those that visit in the Spring and Summer I bet it is delightful! 
One of the neat things about walking through Old Town Heidelberg is the opportunity to see Heidelberg Castle in the distance. It is truly a neat thing as you walk throughout the town. 
One neat thing about the time of year that we went was seeing the winter market set up in Heidelberg in the center. It also had booths for the Christmas market, but the winter market held an ice skating rink and many different stalls of food and drinks. It was really neat to walk through and see people skating. Again, with the castle behind- you definitely knew that you had stepped into a different world.
I hope y'all enjoyed seeing a brief walking tour of Old Town Heidelberg. It truly is an amazingly quaint city and a place I would love to visit for a longer period of time. Have y'all been there before? 

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  1. I grew up in Heidelberg. Right over the hilltop from the castle. It was the best childhood I could ask for. I miss it there terribly and hope one day to go back. I loved seeing your photos. It's exactly how I remember it all those years ago.
    We spent every day during the summers hiking to the castle and just walking around the gardens. I miss the all of the downtown area and the ice cream shops. Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories by posting this.