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July 16, 2018

Today I am so very excited to share with y'all a project that I have been working on for a very long time. Over the last couple of years as I have healed my heart and passion has been stirred to return to teaching and to helping to change the world of high school students. This never died during my fight for my health but as I have begun the process of healing the dreams of teaching and seeing history (specifically the 20th century) come alive for high schoolers intensified. 

Over the past several months these dreams developed into a conceptual basis to form a new company called Twenty History Lane which I am so excited to share has officially launched TODAY! Below is information from the Twenty History Lane About page so you can see more about the company! Thank you so much for your support and excitement about this project! You can follow along on Twenty History Lane's social media pages here: 

Thank you so much again! 

So what is Twenty History Lane (or TWL as it is affectionately nicknamed)?

TWL is a collective of 20th century history re-imagined for high schoolers + those that teach them. We provide practical + unique 20th century study aids for high schoolers and innovative +creative teaching aids for those that teach them in the following history subject areas:


Through a variety of study aids + resources for the student and an assortment of lesson plans + teaching tools for high school teachers we strive to inspire each person to engage in 20th century history in new ways. Many of our resources are free, while others are kept at a minimum cost so as to encourage students + teachers to meaningfully engage without worrying about associated costs. Both high school students + teachers can find these aids + resources in our shops (Etsy Shop and Teachers Pay Teachers with ourTeachable school opening soon!)

Each month TWL will focus on a certain decade or particular subject. Listed below is the 2018-2019 school year curriculum:

July 2018: Launch + Introduction to TWL
August 2018: 1900-1909
September 2018: 1910-1919
October 2018: 1920-1929
November 2018: 1930-1939
December 2018: World War II + Holocaust Studies
January 2019: 1945- 1949
February 2019: 1950-1959
March 2019: 1960-1969
April 2019: 1970-1979
May 2019: 1980-1989
June 2019: 1990-2001

Throughout each week on our blog TWL will provide thought provoking, creative, helpful, and interesting facts through our blog. Our blog schedule for each month for the 2018-2019 school year is as follows:

Mondays: Leaders, Court Cases, or Book of the Month Intro/Recap
Tuesdays: AP USH, US History, or US Government focus
Wednesdays: Middle East History focus
Thursdays: AP EURO, AP WORLD, or World History focus
Fridays: Travel Stories

Throughout the year the TWL blog will also share about unique opportunities for both students + teachers in the 20th century history field. You can stay up to date on these opportunities by finding out updated information for students HERE and for teachers HERE.

TWL is also committed to giving back to the community through The Novel Garden. Each month there will be a book of the month to read that will coincide with the time frame + focus that is being highlighted. If you choose to purchase the book TWL will match book-for-book purchased and donate the books to local children's hospitals, shelters, libraries, + group homes. All you need to do is send us an email with a confirmation of receipt of payment!

about the founder
Rebecca VanDeMark was a high school history teacher for seven years teaching AP EURO, AP USH, AP WORLD, 20th Century World History, 20th Century Middle East History, and US Government (Honors + Regular). Teaching creatively to make History come alive and to inspire students to make a difference in their worlds is a passion of Rebecca's that goes beyond the classroom. 

Rebecca holds a Master of Public Administration, a Bachelor of Arts, and graduated with a Graduate Certificate from the prestigious Summer Academy on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in Women + International Human Rights Law from American University's Washington College of Law. Rebecca has also completed additional coursework in the Master of Legal Studies program at West Virginia University. She has participated in numerous continuing teaching education programs including the Supreme Court Institute for Teachers, various AP Board workshops and programs, worked as a Match Grant Coordinator helping to resettle asylees, trafficking victims, and refugees in the National Capitol Area, and interned as a graduate student at the National Organization for Women. 

Rebecca has volunteered with Adopt-a-Platoon since 2005 and in her community in a variety of ways and holds professional affiliations or memberships with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the 9/11 Memorial, APSA, Supreme Court Historical Society, Women in Government, and Women in International Security among others.

Rebecca is the author of six books, a freelance writer and blogger, and speaker. She is currently in the process of obtaining her VT teaching certification and plans to pursue her PhD in History with an emphasis on Holocaust Studies. 


  1. This sounds SO NEAT!!! I've always wanted to homeschool any future kiddos that Andy and I have. I am so excited for you!!!

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a great project!