How to Make the Most Out of Your Camping In the Black Forest

July 5, 2018

If you love Europe and the continental weather, why not go on a hiking, biking, and camping trip in Germany? The famous Black Forest is easily approachable, and there are plenty of clean, well-equipped, modern campsites accommodating outdoor lovers. Explore the small villages in the mountains, check out a beer festival, or simply explore the natural beauty of the Black Forest

Flights to Stuttgart

The first thing you will need is booking a flight to Stuttgart Airport. As this is a large international hub, you will need to make sure that you have your transport from Stuttgart to the Black Forest arranged ahead. You might book a car rental ahead, so your vehicle can wait for you when you arrive, or jump on the train, depending on how much luggage you have. Most airlines will allow you to take sport and camping goods as a hold luggage on international flights, but make sure that you are complying with the airport regulations.

Car Hire

Germany has a great road network, and the easiest way of getting out of Stuttgart and going camping is by car. You can get an economic small VW SUV for less than you would think, with built in navigation. Avoid traveling during the rush hour, as big cities and surrounding motorways can be crowded, and you might be stuck in traffic.

Consider Long Term Camping

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The good thing about camping sites in the Black Forest is that you have all the comfort and safety you need. You can move from one place to the next choosing a tent that is easier to set up, or stay put and set up your base to go exploring. You can visit Alpirsbach  and visit the surrounding trails, try yourself at rock climbing, paragliding, or mountain biking. You can spend a lot of time in the same area, seeing old monasteries, visiting zoos, museums, and small rural villages.

Hire a Bike to Get Around

Germany’s Schwarzwald is famous for its bike trails, and you can explore the areas by bike or try one of the mountain biking trails. Check out the detailed map of the area’s bike routes and plan your trips.  Tackle a mountain bike hiking trail but just make sure that you do the research on what trails are suitable for your skill level. No matter the outcome, at the end of a hike you will feel refreshed and invigorated by all the beauty nature has to offer. Take some time to enjoy it and you'll be ready to conquer anything that comes next. So grab your bike and mountain biking gear and hit the trails - it may be an adventure like no other you've done. Who knows, maybe instead of just getting physically fit, you might find yourself finding a new hobby to get rid of all those stress-related issues.  

Eco-friendly Attitude

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Even if you rent a log cabin in the forest instead of setting up your tent, you will need to change your attitude. In Germany, everything is strictly recycled, and you will find selective waste bins all around the campsite. If you happen to drop something by accident, German people will remind you to pick it up, so it might be a good idea to change your habits before you arrive. Germans try very hard to keep the Black Forest clean and tidy.

If you would like to discover where the river Danube starts off in the mountains, there’s no better way of exploring the Black Forest than by going on a long haul camping trip. Find a family-friendly, clean, and modern campsite that will serve as your base for a few days, so you can go hiking, biking, and try rock climbing if you feel like.

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