Things Everyone Should Do When Traveling

May 23, 2022

 By now, you’re probably well aware of the fact that travel is good for your health while also being healing for your soul. This is because it provides you with a much-needed distraction from everyday life, giving you the time you need to relax and unwind, whether you’re traveling solo or with your family. 

However, there are some negative aspects of tourism that aren’t often talked about. For example, if you were to visit a tourist hotspot, you might spend hours queuing up outside popular attractions which actually teach you little about the country or two you are visiting. You may also end up eating at restaurants that cater solely to tourists, meaning their menus are comparable to those you’d see at a restaurant back in the US, as opposed to containing national dishes. 

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With that in mind, here are four things everyone should do when traveling for a more authentic and memorable experience. 

1) Try local cuisines.

Finding good food is one of the greatest joys of vacationing, especially if you find a new dish you can recreate at home. As such, it's crucial that you give the local cuisine a try when traveling, even if it's pretty different from your usual diet. Doing a little bit of research ahead of time will help you figure out which dishes to try in each place you visit - keep an eye out for regional delicacies. Alternatively, you could ask for recommendations from locals for restaurants, food markets, or street vendors to visit for an authentic dining experience. 


2) Leave cell phones behind.

If you really want to focus on making memories when traveling, it's time to stop experiencing your trip from behind your phone screen. Log out of social media and give yourself the chance to truly live in the moment yourself. If you want to snap pictures, buy a disposable camera - as this often makes for better pictures too!  

3) Go on a guided tour. 

Whether you’re visiting a metropolitan city or a countryside area, going on a guided tour gives you a chance to gain invaluable insight into your holiday destination. For example, if you were staying in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Amish Country), then you could gain a totally unique insight into Amish Country by heading out on a tour of the many covered bridges in lancaster. Even better, these tours are carried out on 50cc scooters - adding an extra layer of excitement! 

4) Travel off the beaten track. 

While there are specific popular sites you may want to visit during your trip, such as tourist landmarks, you should make an effort to avoid tourist traps. This is a handy tip for those traveling on a budget, as they often overcharge for tourist hotspots. Staying off the beaten track also gives you the chance to discover the hidden gems that different countries have to offer. If you arent’ sure where to get started, ask for recommendations from locals who will know the best places to visit or stop by during your trip. 

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