Your Vacation Guide To Finding Good Food That's Also Great For You

April 6, 2022

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As we all know, travel can be fantastic for helping us to take the best care of our health, thanks in no small part to increased movement and mental health benefits galore. Unfortunately, there’s just one element of travel that’s not always quite as healthy – the temptation to eat out for the duration.

After all, most of us are only in Rome (or Paris, or Mexico…) once, and we naturally want to embrace the cuisine while we’re away. Yet, often heavily greasy or luxurious foods can soon take their toll. Not only does this leave us desperate for some greenery by the time we get home, but it can also see our growing waistlines and cholesterol levels undoing the health benefits of travel in the first place. 

Luckily, there is a way to avoid that, and it simply requires you to consider the following simple ways to find good food that’s also great for you as you travel.

# 1 - Always research your eating options

Too often when we’re exploring, we make the mistake of taking food as it comes, meaning that we often let our stomachs lead us to the most obviously tasty (and often unhealthy) options. This is especially true in tourist-heavy areas, and it means that you would be far better off researching eating options before you head out each day. Taking the time to find more locally-targeted eateries can be especially useful in helping you to locate some healthier local dishes. Even better, you’ll often find far tastier and more authentic food by doing things this wayIt can also help to ask locals for their recommendations. They may be privy to local restaurants serving healthy food that you may not have thought of. More and more restaurants are providing healthy options for customers so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find somewhere that suits your preferences.

# 2 - Make the most of local produce

caravan sonnet

Unsplash Image: CC0 License

Particularly in Mediterranean locations like Greece, Spain, and Italy, fruit and veg are something of a delicacy and are a primary element of the local diet. Selecting local eateries as mentioned, and also making sure to pick options like salads and veg-heavy dishes can therefore see you enjoying some of the tastiest food a location has to offer, all while ensuring your health. To make the most of this, take time to find out what’s in season, which locations are closest to the areas those things grow, and which restaurants are truly making the most of those amazing ingredients. 

# 3 - Ask for healthy tweaks

Often, even small tweaks can make a meal a whole lot healthier. In fact, with additions like dressings and the use of oil during cooking often the main causes of things like post-vacation diets or even the need for surgical weight loss after long-term indulgence, simply asking a chef to remove these things when you order can make a huge difference to your health overall. This way, even if you eat out every single day of your trip, you can better guarantee fresh meals that keep your heart healthy, and your mind clear to enjoy the rest of your trip in its entirety. 

Eating well while you’re away couldn’t be easier. Simply give these tips a try next time you travel to see as much for yourself! 

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