How Women Can Support Men with Their Health

May 28, 2022

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It's a bit of a cliche to say that men are more reluctant than women to care for their health, but there is some truth to it. They can often feel reluctant to see a doctor when they have a problem, even if they otherwise try to stay healthy in their daily life. This perception is perhaps changing with time, with older men more likely to have this attitude than younger men. But men have a shorter life expectancy than women and have a variety of health issues that are unique to them. Men should take care of their health, but women can also support them in taking their health seriously too. So what can you do to help the men in your life be healthier?

Talk Openly About Health

Openly talking about matters relating to health can encourage people around you to do the same. Of course, there can be times and places when it's not appropriate to discuss the ins and outs of certain health problems. But you should be able to discuss health and personal issues with the people you're close to. The more you talk about your own health, the more comfortable both men and women in your life will feel discussing their health. Not only that, but they may feel more comfortable about seeing doctors and other medical professionals.

Encourage Seeking Medical Help

It's not just men who can be reluctant to see a doctor. There are many things that can discourage someone from doing so, including costs, embarrassment, or lack of time. But some men can feel that they should deal with health issues on their own. They might downplay any problems and put on an air of stoicism to pretend they're fine. In reality, they are often feeling scared or like they don't want to inconvenience anyone. It's not always easy to encourage someone to seek medical help when they don't want to, but lending your support can help.

Know Abnormal Signs to Look Out For

Women can often help men with their health by knowing symptoms to look for, especially when it comes to their partners and sons. If you know that something is abnormal, you can help them to address it quicker. It's helpful if you can help with the difference between gynecomastia vs chest fat or if you know how to spot the signs of breast cancer in men. Knowing the signs of testicular cancer or prostate cancer, two types of cancer that typically affect men at different ages, you could spot the symptoms before he does.

Be Supportive of Healthy Lifestyle Choices

It can be a struggle for someone to make healthy lifestyle choices if they don't receive support from the people around them. So if a man in your life is trying to be healthy, whether it's your dad, your husband, your brother, or your son, try to be supportive in whatever way you can. You might encourage them to keep going, help them stay motivated, or make it easier for them to make healthy choices. You could even join in and choose to make your own healthy lifestyle choices if you want to provide support and do something beneficial for yourself.

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Making healthy lifestyle choices might mean eating better and exercising more, but it can also include giving up unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking. Men are more likely to engage in these damaging behaviors, so it's helpful if you can provide support to the men in your life who may want to cut back on or quit these things.

Be Mindful of Men's Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. While there has been a lot more attention on men's mental health in recent years, it takes more than simply saying that men should talk more to start improving things. You can't change the world but you can be there for the men you know. You can also be mindful of your own attitudes towards men and their mental health and what you say. Examine whether you have any outdated attitudes that might contribute to the stigma surrounding men's mental health and even affect the men you know personally.

Keep an eye on the men you know and look out for signs they might not be doing well. Encourage them to talk to you and to talk to a therapist if you think they could benefit from it.

Encourage Health Screenings

You can help men to be healthier by looking out for signs of potential illnesses, but it's also important that they see medical professionals when necessary. In addition to encouraging men to see a doctor when they're ill or have a health problem, it's also a good idea to encourage them to get regular checkups and health screenings. Even if they don't have any symptoms of anything, a health screening could pick up on a health issue before it makes itself outwardly known. The sooner many conditions are detected, the faster they can be treated.

Do Healthy Things Together

Being partners in health is a great way to help men live a healthier lifestyle. If you make healthy choices together, it can be easier for both of you. You can hold each other accountable and make some of the things you do a little less daunting by doing them together. You can do things like making sure you've chosen a health insurance provider and a primary care provider. You can choose to change your diet together or start exercising together. If you have a family, make healthy choices as a family so that you can live a healthier lifestyle. It's much easier for one person in the family to be healthier if everyone agrees that it's a good idea to be healthy.

Providing support for men who might find it difficult to care for their health can help them to live a healthier lifestyle. And if you support the men in your life to help them take care of themselves, you can receive support back from them too.

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