Maximizing Comfort During Your Caravan Getaway

May 11, 2022

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Vanlife is on the up. Nowadays, more and more people are being drawn to this mode of travel for a number of reasons. Travelling in a caravan provides you with freedom. You get to go where you want, when you want, stopping as you please along the way. Find a certain spot nicer than you thought it would be? You can stay for longer than you planned. Find that a spot isn’t living up to expectations? You can move on immediately. Secondly, caravan travel can be a lot cheaper. Hiring a van (or buying a van for long term travel) is a lot cheaper than staying in hotels or even hostels. Of course, if you’re going to try out van life, you do need to be prepared for change. You don’t get the space or home comforts of an apartment or house. So, you’re going to want to make yourself as comfortable as possible within your means during your stay. Here are some suggestions that can help with this.


First, let’s consider clothing. You’re not going to have a washing machine in your van and you’re going to have limited space for storage, so you can’t take along a whole suitcase of clothes. Instead, you’re going to need to be minimal. Start by packing the basics - one pair of pjamas, some underwear like the best boyshorts, some shorts, t-shirts, jeans and anything else you need. Ideally, stick to the same colors so they can be washed together in one cycle when you hit the launderette.

Create a Hygiene Plan

Most vans don’t have an in-built shower. But we do all still like to shower once a day if possible. This means you’re going to need to come up with a hygiene plan. See whether your van can be fitted with a solar heated water bag and shower head that can help you shower on the go. Alternatively, look into nationwide gym memberships that allow you to use their shower facilities across your route. Another good option is campsites, which allow you to safely and securely park up and often have great on-site facilities, including toilets and hot showers.


Vans are relatively small and you won’t have a huge amount of space to sleep. But you can increase comfort at night by investing in some quality bedding that will leave you feeling comfortable, drifting into a blissful sleep. Make sure you have a plush duvet that is suitable for the climate you’re travelling in, sufficient pillows and soft covers. This really will make a huge difference.


Temperature control can be difficult in a van. If you’re in a hot climate, you may find that you get too hot during the day and it drops too cold during the night. Cooling in the day can be easy to manage if you invest in a good, battery powered fan or a fan that can be charged up while you have access to powerpoints at campsites. Heating in the night can be a little more difficult, as you don’t want to use heat sources in a confined space - this is a fire hazard. Instead, you need to make sure that your bedding is sufficient, as highlighted above. You could even add extra blankets for more warmth and comfort.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions will really help you to get comfy and cozy during your caravan trip!

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