Amazing Cyber Monday Sales on Some of My Favorite Travel Items

November 26, 2018

Happy Monday friends! Today I am so excited to share with y'all some of my favorite sales that are happening for Cyber Monday on Travel items that I love! Y'all know how much I write about travel here on the blog and mention specific items from time to time so today I am so excited to see that many of these items are on sale! Here is a list of some of the best in no particular order: 
1. Aloe (Save 15%= Less than $7!)
I have talked about this specific organic aloe several times on the blog and it is something that I use nearly everyday, but especially when traveling to warmer climates. Even with sunscreen, the warm climate of the Caribbean can make it easy to get sunburned. Consider taking along some soothing aloe vera with you for your skin. One of my favorites that I use throughout the year is the Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera. It is incredible light and at only 4 oz. it is easy to throw into your suitcase without adding a ton of extra weight. I use this often on my skin, even when I don't have a burn after being out in the sun and it is extremely soothing. It is currently on sale and less than $7! You can find it HERE!
2. SD Card  (Under $20!)
As a travel writer/photographer/blogger I take a TON of pictures and need back up for my back ups of SD cards. This one has become a favorite and it is currently reduced for under $20! 
3. Ear Plugs (Under $9- saving an additional 5%!)
I have talked several times about earplugs and these are ones that I have used for numerous trips! They are currently on sale for an additional 5% off so they are $8.07 for 50 pair! You can find them HERE!
4. Dutch Blitz Cards (Less than $10!)
If you know me at all than you know that I love playing games, especially card games (I even have a mini deck of cards in my purse! Hahaha!). Dutch Blitz in particular has a special place in my heart (I even talked about it in my book, December Caravan! *smiles*) and it is one of my favorites. I love carrying this game because no matter the vacation there are periods of waiting or "down time" and having a deck of cards for when you are traveling can be a fun way to connect with others and pass the time. While a regular deck of cards is wonderful, consider throwing in a card game like "Dutch Blitz" which is fun and a little unique! These cards are on sale for Cyber Monday and for less than $10 ... believe me you will thank me! It is so fun! (You can purchase Dutch Blitz cards on Amazon HERE!) 
5. Clothes Steamer (Save 5%= Less than $20)
This is a suggestion that I learned from a fellow cruise mate on my last cruise after I waited for hours for laundry services to come and pick up some clothing that I needed ironed. They kept saying that they would be there "in a minute" and low and behold, almost 2 hours later they still had not come and we were late for a special performance. The simple and easy solution to this would have been a clothes steamer that would help take out the wrinkles (just like a regular iron, which a lot of cruise lines do not allow you to bring on board). I have found THIS ONE to be great and pretty inexpensive!

Y'all may remember that when I shared about what to pack for an Alaskan Road Trip I raved about this carry on (in champagne color) a ton! I just used it again on my trip to Georgia and am still in love with it so I was so excited to see that the Chocolate color version (you can find it HERE) is MAJORLY on sale. It is reduced already and then at checkout you can receive an additional $48 off which brings the total to under $200 (and its free shipping if you have Amazon Prime!) which is amazing. 

Now I know the price is still so high... but I have had many carry-on suitcases over the years but can't recommend this one, by Delsey, enough. I had seen several bloggers that I follow recommend this luggage and was a bit shell-shocked at the price. Over the past years of traveling I tried several (a total of 8!) other cheaper carry-on luggage options and was disappointed with each of them for various reasons. Finally, I found this carry-on on an incredible sale price on Amazon and purchased it. Friends, save your money on the cheaper options and purchase this carry-on now that it is on sale. It is worth every. single. penny. This is a carry-on that I plan to have for years and I have been so impressed with the quality of it, the durability, and the way it cleans up so easily. It holds tons of items and you will be amazed at all you are able to pack in it. (Again, I traveled for 10 days and everything I am recommending traveled with me!) Head on over and find it HERE!
6. Bose Headphones (A savings of $189= 63% off!)
I have heard from other travel writers that these headphones are amazing. I don't personally have a pair due to cost, but if you have been looking at them and planning to purchase them, the deal is incredible with a savings of $189! You can find them HERE
Okay if you know me at all than you know that I have a little love affair with colored pens. Hahaha! I mean I don't think that this is a huge surprise if you have been around me for about 5 minutes. Hahaha. So imagine my delight at seeing that ALL different kinds of packages of papermate pens are on sale today. Some of you are wondering why this is included in my favorite travel items... but hello- lots of writing with happy colored pens is necessary. *smiles* Oh my goodness I just noticed that the colored sharpie pens are also on sale. Hahaha!  You can find the entire section HERE!
8. Ski Mask (Less than $10!)
Last year, as some of y'all know, I fell in love with skiing and my face was... cold. Hahaha! This year I knew that I needed to purchase a ski mask so I was so happy to see that this one was less than $10! You can find it HERE!
9. Women's Ski Jacket (White- available in multiple colors!)
I have been looking and searching for a white ski jacket (thank you Kate Middleton for the inspiration - hahaha!) for the past year. I found several that I loved and knew that I couldn't afford them. I was so excited to see that the Wantdo Women's Warm Parka Mountain Ski Fleece Jacket was part of the Cyber Monday sale today! It is on HUGE sale and less than $52! If you are not into white it comes in several different colors- you can find it HERE!

I hope that y'all find these helpful! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you have a wonderful Monday! 

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