Indispensable Advice For The Perfect Road Trip Adventure

November 23, 2018

Sometimes only heading out onto the open road will do, and that is why road-tripping is one of the biggest adventures you can have. Of course, you'll find plenty of folks that want to go wherever the wind takes them on this type of trip, while others love to plan their experience down every last detail. However, no matter what your road tripping style is, the advice below can help you have a perfect adventure. Read on to find out more.

Even if you don't want to actually plan the locations that you will be visiting or the places that you will be staying during your road trip, it doesn't hurt to get a few things straight before you leave.
First of all be sure that your home is locked up well, and that you have asked you, neighbors, to come in a feed any pets that you are leaving behind. Secondly, don't forget to check the vehicle you will be using to ensure that it's running correctly, or if you are going to lease a car or bike, make sure to book this ahead of time. That way you will know exactly the make and model you're getting, and won't be disappointed when you reach your starting destination.
Of course, for those adventures that like things a little more organized planning your route can be a worthwhile activity. This is because in the US there are so many quirky roadside attractions that you could easily drive right by if you didn't know they are there!

This would be a terrible shame though because depending on your location, it would mean that you wouldn't be able to experience the world's most massive working coffee machine, the Spam museum, or even allegedly, the largest chair in existence, all of which will undoubtedly enrich your adventure!

Now, a great deal of the entertainment on your road trip will come from the stops that you make, as well as the changing scenery that you will see as you make your way along the road. However, it is worth being aware that even the most spectacular mountain passes or desert vistas can become a bit mind-numbing after hours and hours behind the wheel.

That is why is a great idea to provide some additional entertainment for long stretches of driving such as music or radio. Audiobooks are also a great choice, and if you can pick a novel set in the landscape you are driving through it can not only keep you awake for your journey but enhance it as well.

Safety is another crucial element to consider if you want your road trip to be perfect. Of course, the crucial factor here is the vehicle that you are driving and ensuring that it is in the best condition possible. It's also vital that you have a good feel for it, especially if its a rental vehicle or a friend's car where you are sharing the driving.

Another aspect of being as safe as possible on your road trip is understanding the weather conditions that you are likely to encounter during your journey. Weather that can range from snow and ice in the north to blazing heat and dusty roads in the south.
To that end, keeping an eye of the weather forecasts and ensuring that you have any necessary accessories such as snow chains to cope with worsening weather is essential.

Lastly, your own alertness is vital when it comes to safety on a road trip, as it is this that will help you to prevent or evade dangerous situations on the drive as they occur. Sadly, while fast reactions can often help you avoid accidents, this isn't always the case. Although, if you are involved in an incident and sustain an injury, there are lawyers that specialize in this areas that can help to assess whether you have a case. Something that could lead to compensation that would cover any medical bills.

When you are driving for long swathes of time, carrying enough refreshment in your vehicle is hugely important. After all, you do not want to become distracted because you are hungry or thirsty but are too far away from civilization to refuel.

With that in mind, packing up a picnic before you leave your original destination can be a good call. Include snack items such as power bars, and chips that you can make a quick stop to consume, and pack up more hearty fare like sandwiches as well, for when you are on the road at meal times. Also be sure to have plenty of water and caffeinated drink as this can help you stay more alert on a long drive.
Lastly, don't forget that for many people one of the joys of road tripping is stopping at roadside cafes and diners to sample the local fair. For the most part, expect classic food like burgers and fries, as well as good honest home cooked meals like meatloaf, country gravy, and biscuits. Perfect for when you have been on the road all day, and you need to refuel before your next leg of the journey.

Finally,  to experience the perfect road trip, you need to think carefully about the accommodation that you will use on your overnight stops.  

One option is to get a vehicle tent which can be erected over the bed of a truck and sleeps up to two people. Something that can work incredibly well if you are out in the wilderness and there are no hotel or motel options available.

Alternatively, you could combine the vehicle itself with your overnight accommodation and rent an RV. Something that many road-trippers do.
Image here
A self contained RV might just be the perfect road trip option.

In fact, this can be the perfect road trip choice because there are so many beautiful campgrounds across the US that welcome RVs for a single night. Something that means your overnight stay won't just be something to get through until you can get back on the road, but an experience that will actively contribute to your perfect road trip as well!  

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