Making the Most of Your Cruise

November 18, 2018

Cruising is a vacation like no other. If you have done it before you will probably have learned some of the things you should and shouldn’t do. If you have never been on one before, these few tips might help you to get the most enjoyment from your trip.

One way of making a cruise more affordable is to join a re-positioning cruise. This is where the ship will be at sea for several days, as it moves from one port to another. If you are perfectly happy to spend your cruise at sea, this could be the perfect first time.

Do Not Pack More Than You Need
Of course, you want to make sure you have everything you need, but the storage space in the cabins of ships is limited. Do not over pack lots of things that you might need, because you probably won’t.  Lots of casual wear and swimwear should be included, but unless you are intending to attend some of the formal meals, forget the fancy clothing.

The majority of ships expect smart casual wear for evening meals, and it is only for special events that something more formal is needed.

You also need to take care what things you pack other than clothing. The rules can vary from cruise line to cruise line about how many bottles of wine you can take on board and if you are allowed to take spirits with you. The information you need will all be available in their information pack when you book the cruise.

Do Not Forget Your Medicines
Cruise ships generally have very good medical facilities, but that is not to say they will have a particular medication if you run out.  They are also good at dealing with special diets, such as for diabetics. If you run out of a medicine you need and they do not have it on board, you could find yourself having to buy it in the first port you come to and it could be very expensive. Make sure you have plenty of all your medicines with you before the ship sets sail.

Of course, you could be perfectly healthy and be taken ill or have an accident while on the ship. You should have insurance to cover such things happening. If you are involved in an accident that someone else caused or was the fault of the cruise line, your vacation could be ruined. Then you should be contacting one of Hofmann Law Firm’s maritime accident attorneys, as you may need their help to claim compensation and to try and ensure that the same thing does not happen to someone else.

Explore As Soon As You Board
Cruise ships are all different sizes with some of them as large as a vacation resort, with many thousands of people on board. Even if you are not on one of the enormous ships though you will still need to find your way around. The best way is to explore the ship as soon as you board, and then when you want a certain bar or store you will know exactly where it is.

They are usually very well signposted, but you could waste valuable swimming or drinking time by trying to find places if you have not carried out some exploration to start with.

Leave Your Cabin Lots
When you travel, leave your cabin as much as possible. Really, it should be for sleeping in, having a shower, changing your clothes and not much more than that. There will be so many missed opportunities for fun and meeting new people if you spend most of your time locked away.

If you are in one of the cabins in the center of the ship, without windows or a balcony, set yourself an alarm. The darkness can throw your body clock out of sync, and then you could be getting up when everyone else is in bed.

Don’t Be Late
When the ship docks at a port, if you are not going on one of the organized excursions you may want to have a look around the port on your own. For some people, they much prefer this, but you must ensure that you are not late back. The idea of being stuck on a tropical island might seem quite a romantic notion. However, in reality, the first thing you would feel is panic as you see your cruise ship sailing away. Always leave yourself plenty of time to return on board.

Cruises can be a create vacation and if you make the most of everything yours has to offer, there is every likelihood that you will do more cruises in the future.

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